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Days 50 and 51Costa Rica en route to Boise

Day 50

I woke up at 4a.m. My roommates were packing up to go to airport. They had an early flight. At 4:30a.m. I said goodbye to 5 of my dear friends. There were a lot of tears, we had all grown so close, it was hard to say goodbye. An hour later I said goodbye to another dear friend leaving. There were no goodbyes for a while. I thought it would be a good idea to get some more sleep. I lied down but my mind was racing and there was not going to be any more sleep happening for a while.

I got up and checked my e-mail, took a bath and wrote my blog notes.

At around 7 a.m. I saw another one of my friends up and about. He was saying he just had breakfast in the dining room. I was getting hungry so I headed straight there.

BREAKFAST: pineapple and papaya

While I was eating three other people showed up. We had fun eating and talking. Sharing our last meal together.

When we were done eating we all went and sat by the pool. Everyone that was still at the hotel was hanging out there, getting as much sun as we could before heading back to the north. The interns were all so happy to not be working or doing any food prep. Just pure relaxation! Ahhh.

LUNCH: small avocado, celery and limejuice

About an hour before it was time for me to leave I called my mom and my son Scott. They were both excited to have me coming back home. I don’t know when I will get to see my boys when I get back but hopefully their dad will be coming to Boise soon. I miss my kids so much. I can’t wait to see them.

My flight out wasn’t until 4p.m. but we had to be checked out of the hotel by 12p.m. So I figured I would go to the airport early, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about missing a plane.

There were 2 other people going to the airport at the same time so we all took a cab together. At the airport I was informed that my plane would be an hour late. I was offered a hotel voucher for my overnight in Houston, but I told them I didn’t need it because I was going to be staying with a friend (that friend is Kristina Bucaram). She is pretty amazing, 24 years old and running the largest co-op in the country…a co-op that she started on her own.

All the airport employees were so nice and respectful. It was the same thing at the airport when I was flying out of Mexico. I love how nice the Hispanic cultures are to each other and strangers, such a contrast to the U.S.

I stuck close to my friends because I couldn’t see anything without my glasses. I didn’t know where to go to get through security or what gates were which. The signs were too high for me to read.

We breezed right through security. They only had an hour wait for their plane to leave. I had 3 more hours. We found a spot to sit by their gate.

SNACK: half a sapote

I ate half of my sapote from the market the day before. It wasn’t quite ripe and got me all sticky, plus it gave me a tiny stomachache. I threw the rest away. I didn’t have any more food with me because I had given my soursop away the night before.

One of my friends and I walked around for a while. I was on the lookout for a fresh fruit smoothie bar or just some fruit. I couldn’t see anything still so I put on my glasses. I was a little dizzy at first and they seemed really strong but my eyes adjusted back to their old habits quickly and I could see clearly. It was a relief to be able to see what was going on around me. It was a scary and helpless feeling not being able to see among so many strangers. I didn’t feel bad about putting my glasses back on. I knew I was doing what I needed to do to make it home safely. I still plan on working on healing my eyes.

While we were walking around we came across Christie, another intern, waiting for her flight to leave. I sat and talked with Christie for a while.  We stretched and did some yoga. We were getting funny looks, but we didn’t care. It was a great way to pass the time.

When she boarded her plane I went back to where my other friends were. Two more people from the retreat were there waiting on a different flight. We all talked and hung out for a while. I was getting hungry and one of my friends gave me a sweet lemon. I decided I would save it for the plane ride. Someone else mentioned that one of the restaurants had fresh pineapple that they had blended up like a smoothie. I thought I would check that out later when everyone else was gone and I had time to waste on my own.

Eventually everyone else left on their planes. I went and checked what was going on at my gate only to find out that plane was delayed another hour. Okay, I guess I would see what food I could scrounge up. With everyone else gone I had to carry all my luggage around with me. I had two very heavy bags to carry around. I usually just travel with a couple bags to carry on and don’t check in any luggage that way nothing gets lost.

DINNER: tropical fruit salad and blended pineapple

I lugged my bags around with me to the restaurant that I was told had fresh pineapple. On the menu they had a tropical fruit salad, which I ordered with just the fruit and no dressing and also had a blended pineapple drink. I was tempted to order some cooked carbs, but I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind.

After I ate I felt a lot better. I went back to my gate and wrote my blog for an hour or so until it was finally time to board the plane.

SNACK: sweet lemon

The flight to Houston was uneventful. I napped a little bit and ate my sweet lemon. I arrived in Houston at 10:30p.m. I called up Kristina and told her I had to be back at the airport at 5a.m. to fly out again. She said it was an hour taxi ride to her house and an hour back. She thought it might be better to stay in a hotel, she said I could probably still get a voucher. I told her I would check on it and call her back.

I was given a hotel voucher to the Hilton with no problem. Wow..that was way easier than I thought it would be. I called Kristina back and we talked about what was going on in our lives for about 45 minutes while I waited on the airport shuttle and then shuttled to the Hilton. I just love Kristina, she is so incredible!

At the Hilton I used my food voucher to order a salad with vegetables only and a fruit platter. I went up to my room. It was very fancy. I was thinking too bad I only get to stay here for a few hours to sleep.

SNACK: small amount of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew melon

My food arrived, the salad was not fresh and the fruit was not ripe. Bleck! I didn’t eat very much of any of it. I took a nice hot bath and talked to my friend E on the phone. I went to sleep at around 12:30a.m.

Day 51

Had a 5a.m. wake up call. I was really tired. I scrambled around and made sure I had everything packed up. I grabbed one of my bags and forgot to put my backpack on my back. I ran out the door without my key and it locked shut behind me. Damn! I was worried about getting to the airport too late and now I had to have someone come unlock my room. There was a phone down the hall that I used to call to have someone let me in my room. Someone showed up pretty quickly and let me back in. I went back in and grabbed my backpack; the attendant set my deadlock so the door wouldn’t shut completely. I just let it that way when I left.

I took the elevator downstairs, then I saw a sign that said I needed to turn my key in at the front desk and not leave it in my room. Mine was still in my room. Arg! I decided I needed to slow down, take a few deep breaths and get out of frantic mode. I went back to my room, thank goodness the deadbolt had prevented it from locking. I got the key and turned it in without incident. I was told the shuttle still had 5 minutes before it would be there. Yay…I didn’t miss it.

At the airport there were no long lines..thankfully. Going through security they only had the new full body scanners. I never go through those and always opt out. I actually find opting out entertaining. Everyone acts like it’s a big deal, while I just smile. I always tell the lady that does the pat down that I don’t mind being felt up and I ask about her life. They always seem happy to have someone show interest in them and treat them kindly.

Security went well and I still had a half hour before boarding time. I went in search of fresh fruit. I found a place that had fresh squeezed OJ right away.

BREAKFAST: 16 oz. fresh squeezed OJ

I drank my OJ and made it to my gate about 5 minutes before loading time.

On the plane I sat next to a very nice man named Mark. We somehow starting talking about food. He was really interested in how I ate and had a lot of questions, like I how I got my protein and such. I answered all this questions and I told him to check out my website when he got back to South Dakota, (where he was from). I learned a lot about him as well and he is very committed to helping underprivileged children get a good education and start on life. I was very impressed with everything he had done so far and all his plans for making things even better.

I was able to sleep for about a half hour on the plane before flying into Denver. In Denver Mark and I said goodbye and I had 2 hours to wander around before my flight back to Boise.

I was in search of lunch. I couldn’t find anywhere that had fresh fruit or fresh juice. Finally I asked at a TCBY if their smoothie had fresh fruit. They said they did. I asked for one with mango, strawberries and water. I watched them make it to ensure they understood what fresh fruit really was. They didn’t put much fruit in, and added a lot of water, so it was really watery but it was better than nothing.

LUNCH: mango/ strawberry smoothie

I was sitting in the food court drinking my smoothie. I felt so drained and tired. I was planning on arriving in Boise. Getting on my bike…that I left locked up in the bike area…riding to work, cleaning an office, then riding home. I just didn’t think I would make it. So I called my mom and asked if she could pick me up from the airport. She said she could and would help me clean the business before taking me home.

I got off the phone and I noticed a lady a couple of tables over crying. I felt like going over and giving her a hug, but held back. Then I thought about it again and decided I was going to follow my instincts. I went over and asked if she was ok. She said she had just found out her Aunt was dying and she was very close to her, her son had died less than a year ago and she was still hurting from that and she didn’t think she could handle another death this soon. I gave her a hug and she was very grateful to have someone to talk to. I was so glad I had taken the initiative to show her kindness. She was alone and hurting and she thanked me over and over.

The lady left to catch her plane and I went and sat at my gate. I listened to music for a while until it was time to board my plane. Yay! Only 2 hours until I was back in Boise.

The flight to Boise was uneventful. My mom picked me up at the airport. Her new boyfriend Ron was with her in his pickup. We loaded up my bike and I asked if we could stop at Tree City Smoothie so I could get something to eat.

SNACK: 32 oz. fresh squeezed OJ blended with mango and organic spinach

My smoothie was so yummy! I was glad to be back where I could get food J We went to the office I had to clean. Neither my mom nor I could remember the code to get in the door. I just said I would call them and do it next weekend. I’d been cleaning for them for 8 years, I knew they would understand.

We went to the co-op and I bought some lettuce, celery, limes, raw hemp butter and green onions. I was going to make a yummy salad when I got home.

Then we stopped and picked up Savana from her dad’s. Savana and I were so happy to see each other. She had grown so much in two months; she is now a tiny bit taller than me. Savana was real happy about that!

We came home and my new roommate was there. My old roommate had bought a house and moved out, while another friend of mine had moved in. It’s crazy what can happen when you are gone for two months. I was really happy to see my new roommate Hi-may. We went around the house and talked about improvements that needed to be done. He is going to work off his rent with labor, which is fine with me because my place needs a lot of fixing up.

DINNER: 1lb. of mixed greens; raw hemp butter, celery, green onion and lime juice dressing.

I made Savana some fried potatoes for dinner and I made myself a salad with a tsp. of hemp butter blended with green onion, celery and limejuice for a dressing. It was really yummy salad.

Savana and I walked a mile to the grocery store. I bought some tangelos, strawberries and kiwis. When we got back my friend Jonathan was here. Jonathan and I talked for a couple hours. Catching up on each other’s lives. Then my friend Jamie stopped by for a little bit. My friend E called me up and we talked for a while.

By that time it was getting late. I went to bed around 11p.m.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am glad you listened to your instincts and decided to befriend that sad woman. You gave her a priceless gift.

    • Vibrant Victoria

      February 26, 2012 at 1:51 am

      Your welcome Esmee. I still want to get you the information on Bel’s Palsey. Basically it clears itself up usually withing 3 to 6 months.

  2. Thank you Victoria for sharing your trip to Costa Rica with us. The pictures are beatiful, the food sounded good, and a little of what it was like there was alot of fun. I found myself looking up this web site daily to see if you had written on it or not. You are a good writer :). Will you continue on this blog or is it done?

    • Vibrant Victoria

      February 27, 2012 at 10:46 pm

      yes…I am going to continue on about my re-entry into “real” life. Should be a post up tomorrow or maybe even tonight if I finish it in time.
      Thank you for the compliment. I enjoy writing the blog. It is time consuming but worth it, plus it is very therapeutic for me to write everything down 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy it as well.

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