Days 5 and 6 of the Woodstock Fruit Festival

August 24, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. I was thinking I would stay in bed for a while because I was all warm and snuggly. I lied there a while and decided I wanted to go snuggle with Danielle.

I headed on over there and snuggled for a half hour. I could have stayed longer but I wanted to get my blog posted before I headed to work.

I went to my cabin. Changed out of my pj’s and went to the infirmary to post my blog. I finished all that in about a half hour.


I went to the dining room and checked on my banana stash. They were still there, yay! They were spotty and perfectly ripe, smoothie time! I blended up 9 bananas and drank them up.

It was time to go to work and have our staff meeting. When everyone showed up we just went over some ground rules. They were pretty basic. Have 2 staff members with each group if the groups split up into two. Let everyone know if you are taking a kid to the bathroom, etc.

The day went much smoother with the kids. We ended up staying inside most of the time and the kids were really mellow for the most part. Time actually went really fast and before I knew it 1 o’clock was here and I was free.


While watching the kids I ate half a durian and two pieces of dragon fruit.

When work was over I went to check my e-mail. I was feeling pretty tired and wanted a nap. I got on the computer and called TS.

I went to my cabin and instantly fell asleep. I woke up an hour later and Savana wanted to go do the zip line. I was all for it.

We walked up to where it is at. There is a big climbing wall that you have to climb up in order to go down the zip line. I wasn’t sure if Savana was going to make it up that wall, but she was willing to try.


She went first and was practically crying going up the wall, but she did it! I was so proud of her. Then it was my turn. I was thinking this would be a snap. About halfway up the wall my arms were shaking so bad that I didn’t think I would make it, and I thought this was going to be easy! Ha! I wasn’t going to let my daughter show me up so I pushed my way through and make it to the top. I couldn’t even feel my arms or hands, other than throbbing. I was pouring sweat and had to sit down to rest for a few minutes before going down the zip line.

Once that was over I decided I was not going to do that again. Savana and I went to the cabin. Savana lied down and read for a while. I just lied in my bunk determined not to get up until my arms started working again. About a half hour later my arms started acting and feeling like arms again. Then the adrenaline rush kicked in. Oh boy, I was feeling amazing!!


I went to the dining room to get some food. For some reason the tomatoes were looking really good to me. I grabbed 4 big ones and sat out on the grass with a bunch of people. While on the grass I had a good talk with Grant and another lady sitting with us, she wanted to ask me about depression and eating. I ate my tomatoes while we talked and during that time Grant gobbled down 2 durian…lol. Then Josh Fossgreen came along and we had a really good talk. I’ve talked to Josh on Skype before but never in person. What a great guy!


It was dinner time, Josh and I stood in line and talked and I got to meet his absolutely gorgeous girlfriend. Woo hoo Josh! I got a small salad with a really good carrot dressing that they were serving. I sat next to some peope I hadn’t met before and got to know them while I ate my salad.

I heard there was a talent show going on in an hour or so. I found Savana and told her in case she wanted to sing. Of course she wanted to sing! She was really excited and I saw her a bit later outside warming up her voice.

At 8 o’clock the talent show started. I knew it would be great. Savana was the 3rd performer and she did an amazing job. I decided that I wanted to sing as well…for some crazy reason.

I signed up and when I got up there I really didn’t want to sing after all. I did it anyway and was sure I’d bombed it. I sat down wondering why I did these things to myself.

The talent show was fabulous though. So much talent and good energy all around. I had a really great time.

After the show I heard there was a durian eating contest in the dining room. I wasn’t about to get in on that! I went to the infirmary and called TS. While I was in there Freelee called Harley on his computer to talk to him, he was out of the room but myself, Kevin and Karen decided to answer anyway. I talked to Freelee for a few minutes until Harely showed up. It was fun talking to herJ

Heading back up to the cabin Doug was outside and called me over. He said there was a lady that he wanted me to talk to about mental illness and he would send her my contact information. I felt really honored that Doug would be referring people to me. Yay!!

I got to the cabin and fell asleep almost instantly at around 11:30p.m.


August 25, 2012

I woke up at around 7:30a.m. I had been having a dream about my dad when he was alive. It was a really sad dream so I woke up feeling like crying a little. I had slept in so there was no time to go snuggle with Danielle 🙁

I got dressed and went to the infirmary to check my e-mail. I had to hurry in order to get some food and be at work on time.


In the dining room my banana stash was still there. I blended up 9 bananas and drank it up. So yummy!!

When all the kids showed up we took them outside. We brought out a big watermelon box and markers so they could decorate and play in it. There is a little boy named Marco that usually doesn’t stay with his sisters because he’s 2 and very attacked to his mommy. He was distracted with the watermelon box and his mom took the opportunity to sneak away. About 5 minutes later he figured out his mom was missing and started crying. I sat and held him for about and hour. He just cried and cried. I took him to the bathroom at one point and my cell phone fell in the toilet. Lol…so it goes. It was very wet and wasn’t working at all.


Little Marco kept saying he wanted to go find his mom, so I had a

brilliant idea. I told him we would go look. So I told the other staff we were going to go look for him mom. He all of a sudden was happy as ever. We walked all around the camp and I purposefully made a point to avoid the areas where his mom might be, just so she could have some time to do her own thing. He loved walked around.


After a while we came back to the dining hall and met up with all the other kids. He seemed to have forgotten about his mom and we ate a bunch of grapes and dates together. Marco colored some and cut out some construction paper. After a while he realized he was having fun without his mom and wanted to go look again. Just as we were headed out the door his mom walked up. I told her what I had done and she thanked me profusely for letting her have some alone time. She said she had desperately needed it. I was glad it all worked out 🙂

About an hour later I was done working. I went in search of some rice to put my phone in. I was thinking that I would have to get a ride into town. Savana came up to me and I was telling her I was probably going to go into town. She was all excited and wanted me to get her some granola bars. In the middle of our conversation Doug walked up and said that the camp staff probably had some rice in their cabin. He had a young lady with him and introduced me to her. She wanted to talk to me about her mom, who suffered from mental illness. I told her I had a few minutes.


I grabbed a couple of oranges a big bowl of little tomatoes. Then we sat out on the grass and talked for a while. She was really excited to hear my story and was real hopeful that her mom would do what it takes to heal herself.

After our talk, I went down to the staff cabin and they had some rice they gave me. I put my phone in it and went back to my cabin to let it sit for a while. Savana was there and I informed her I had found rice and wouldn’t be going to town. She was bummed about that.

I washed up a few clothes and put them out to dry. Then I went down to the infirmary checked my e-mail and called TS to tell him about my phone. I wanted to be spending more time with the people here and less time on the phone and internet, so I didn’t stay on long. I find it kind of a blessing that my phone is out of commission. Even though I don’t have service here I can still text and when I am texting others back home I find I am not in the moment here. I just love the energy the people here have. They are so real, vibrant and healthy! Plus so many of them are extremely smart and successful in what they do. I love being around successful people!

I was supposed to meet my friend Vicky in the dining hall at 1:30p.m. to talk. She wasn’t there, I waited a few minutes and went back to my cabin. I fell asleep instantly and slept hard for 2 hours. It was a wonderful nap!

I woke up with about 5 minutes to spare before I was supposed to meet another lady at 4p.m. I got up and ran down to the dining hall. I grabbed some more tomatoes and oranges and sat down on the grass where we were supposed to meet. She showed up shortly after and wanted to know if I wanted to go swimming. Of course I did!

We went down and were like kids playing in the water. We climbed the iceberg together and went down the slide a couple of times together. We were having so much fun just being giggly girls.

We got out of the water and sat on the shore and talked for a while. She also wanted to talk about my story because her dad suffers from mental illness. We had a great talk and I was really excited to find out that she is going to be at Health and Fitness week when I go there in September. Woo hoo. She is from South Africa but wants to stay in the states for a while. I told her to come stay with me in October and she just might do that. I would be so excited if she did.


She had to go to work and I headed to dinner. I met up with Jerome and Katy on the way. We got our salad and sat on the grass to eat. The salad dressing wasn’t very good so I didn’t eat much salad. Instead I ate a bunch of grapes and oranges, which isn’t exactly the best food combining, but it seemed to digest ok. It was fun hanging out on the grass. There were tons of people out there and we were all laughing and having fun together. Danielle came along and we had to have a hugging session to mourn missing our morning snuggle time. I was feeling so happy and carefree; I don’t want the fruit festival to end!!

When it started to get dark I found Shawn in the dining room and checked in to see how he was doing. He was fine but hungry, I told him to eat more fruit..hehe. After that, I went to the infirmary to write my blog. While there I over heard Joey B and Kevin talking about how to earn money on the internet. I was keeping mental notes and since they were on the subject I put up t-shirts that I had made on my website so I can start selling them.

I called TS and it was getting late. He has been helping to take care of Shawn’s dog Freeda and water the garden back in Boise. He also did a bunch of work on my bike, which it needed very much. I was too busy before I left to work on it like I wanted. It is nice knowing everything is taken care of back home. 🙂

I went to my cabin and Savana came in shortly after. She was all excited and happy saying she had been up at the dance party. We got ready for bed. I checked on my phone and it seemed to be working as long as it was plugged in. I’ll let it sit in the rice overnight and probably another day or two to see if it will come around.

I went to sleep around midnight.

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  • ts

    August 26, 2012 at 12:57 pm Reply

    It was great to be able to work on your bike. I like working on bikes and yours was well built I am truely impresses. The best part was on the test ride when a group of kids along the trail started yelling” its the crazy banana bike ” 🙂 that was pretty cool. I can’t wait to go for a ride with you again. Enjoy the festival.

  • Vibrant Victoria

    August 26, 2012 at 5:21 pm Reply

    Thanks Trace! It is a great bike. I spend a lot of time picking it out 🙂

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