Days 48 and 49 in Costa Rica

Day 48

Woke up at 3a.m. I couldn’t go back to sleep again. My period was still really heavy and I kept having to run to the bathroom several times throughout the night. At 6a.m. I officially got up. I went in the great room and thought I would check in the bodega’s to see how much food we had left since we were all leaving in the morning.

There were so many fruits that were going bad. Obviously whoever was on food quality wasn’t doing a good job. I decided to go through the tomatoes myself. I ended up having to throw out at least half of what was left. The ones that had only one bad spot I brought into the kitchen and cut off all the bad areas and put them in a big bowl.

Clarissa came in and wanted me to slice them all and put them out to be sun dried. I told her that I would do it after I ate breakfast. I didn’t want to miss breakfast again, since I was starting to feel stronger. She said she would rather have them done right away. I stuck to what I needed to do for myself and told her it would get done as soon as I ate.

BREAKFAST: watermelon

I had a light breakfast, only about ¼ of a watermelon. Then I cut up the tomatoes and put them out to be sun dried.  Once that was finished I did breakfast clean up.

I was feeling stronger and really happy. I could feel my joy motor coming back on inside me. Yay!

Everyone was walking to some hot springs and I thought about going, but I knew I wasn’t that strong yet. I decided I would just stick around the retreat and write my blog. Once that was done I took an hour nap and woke up just in time for lunch.

LUNCH: banana smoothie, bananas and lettuce

When lunch was over I pulled out my video camera and did some video footage. I really enjoyed that. I went down to the river with my camera and realized it was the last day I would be able to jump off the rock. I set up the camera to catch me on the video, stripped nude and jumped in. It was so fun and felt so good I decided I needed to do it again.

I got dressed and went back up the great room for out last day circle time. This is where we each take turns lying down in the middle of a circle and everyone goes around and says one word that tells how they feel about the person lying in the middle. It’s always a really great experience.

When circle time was over I helped in the kitchen with dinner prep. My last dinner prep…woo hoo!

DINNER: Fresh squeezed OJ blended with tomato and mango; partially dehydrated zucchini halves with tahini dressing to put on top.

Dinner was really yummy! Tahini dressing in my favorite thing.

The last night meeting was all shared stories of memorable experiences during the retreat. I shared about the dog attacking and trying to molest me and also about trying to cool the hot tub with a bunch of naked people splashing water in it from the pool. Story time was great. We laughed a lot and were relishing the happy memories we shared together.

It was getting late and things were starting to quiet down, so I left early and went down for a last soak in the hot tub.

The water wasn’t very warm and when I turned on the pump it was not blowing out hot water. I didn’t have a flashlight with me to crawl under the deck to flip the breaker. I decided I would just have to do it in the dark and hope that I didn’t come across any snakes or scary things crawling around. Very carefully I climbed down and felt along the wall for the breaker. I found it without incident…thankfully! I flipped it on and got out of there as fast as I could.

I was alone in the hot tub for a while. Then other people started showing up. We all soaked, told more memory stories and enjoyed our time together.

At around 9:30p.m. I was exhausted, so I got out and went straight to bed.

I was asleep by 10p.m.


Day 49

I woke up at 5a.m. I quickly packed my bags and went to the great room to do breakfast prep. I weighed myself first to find out how much weight I had lost during my time here is Costa Rica. I weighed 137lbs. down from 152lbs. when I got first got there. I lost a total of 14 lbs. Yay!

I needed to wash my hands before I worked in the kitchen, but there was no water. I went down to the pool to wash my hands and there was a guy down there filling up the hot tub. Ah ha! That’s why there was no water. I told him there was no agua up at the top. He turned off the hot tub water and said he would fix it. I went back up and did breakfast prep.

BREAKFAST: watermelon

I was excited to be starting my journey back home. I didn’t eat that much because my stomach was so jittery.

When breakfast was over we all waited around while the guys tied our luggage to the roof of the bus. It seemed like it took forever but finally at 9a.m. we all were all loaded up and ready to go. Doug, Grant and a few others were staying for another week to do some exploring. We said good-bye to those staying and we were off.

I sat in the front seat because I get carsick. The bus driver was really nice. His name was Esteban. He was able to speak some English. I talked to him off and on throughout the drive in order to work on my Spanish.

We stopped at a store on the side of the road selling wooden trays and dishes. I thought it might be neat to get a big bowl for my salad. They didn’t have any big bowls and I was surprised at how expensive everything was. I was thinking things would be priced like they were in Mexico, but these prices were just as much as in the U.S. if not more.

A couple hours later we stopped at a little shop to have lunch.

LUNCH: bananas and romaine lettuce

The bus driver didn’t seem happy about only having bananas for lunch…lol. I think Doug figured on that because the people that ran the shop brought out a bowl of soup for him. He seemed very relieved. I imagine he thought we were all a bunch of fruit eating weirdo’s…haha.

After lunch we all did some shopping. I bought some T-shirts for my kids to give to them at Christmas. That is how I do my Christmas shopping, when I travel or go to yard sales I pick things up for them, then in December I wrap them all up. No holiday stress or obsessing on materialism. Plus this kids love it, because they get really cool unique gifts.

We all loaded on the bus and took off again. I was able to fall asleep for about a half hour, which was refreshing. We finally got to San Jose. It was really fun driving through the city. It was amazing how crazy everyone drives, but no one seems to get in a wreck. Everyone pays really good attention to what is going on around them when they are driving.

We got to the hotel and a bunch of us wanted to go to the market. So we called a couple of taxis. While we were waiting for the taxis in the lobby there was a young woman that asked us if she could share a taxi with us. She said she was low on money and was trying to conserve. We told her she was very welcome to share a taxi with us and offered her some bananas. In the taxi she was asking us about our lifestyle and the way we eat. All of us were more than happy to share. She had a lot of questions such as about Candida and b12. Everyone was able to share his or her stories of going from sickness to health and she was really open to learning. She said had horrible digestion problems and was willing to try eating a fruits and vegetable diet to see if it helped.

At the market it was pretty overwhelming. I couldn’t see a thing without my glasses. I stuck with a couple other people so I wouldn’t get turned around and lost.  I had given Doug back the pinhole glasses he had let me borrow so I didn’t have those to use either. The market was really fun and exciting. It was so great to be able to buy and choose my own food. I bought some little avocados, celery, limes, soursop and zapote. While we were waiting for the taxi to go back to the hotel, I ate one of the avocados with celery and limejuice. It was so delicious. I thought it was the best thing I’d ever tasted in my life.

SNACK: small avocado, celery and limejuice

Back at the hotel I felt really tired. I was also very thirsty. I drank a bunch of water and lied down for a while. I wasn’t even sure if I would have dinner. I thought I might just go to sleep right away.

After about a half hour I started to feel better and realized I was tired from being dehydrated. I went to the dining room and everyone was already there eating dinner.

DINNER: lettuce, tomato, pineapple, papaya and a little bit of avocado.

I think I overdid the fats a little bit for the day. I was feeling pretty heavy and sluggish.

After dinner I went to my room. My roommates were there. They were both 2 older women. One in her 60’s and the other 79, I had bonded pretty strongly with them both during the retreat and was happy we were getting one last night together.

I used to bathroom and clogged the toilet. I told my roommates and went out to get someone to help from the front desk. A young man came in and we could hear him in the bathroom flushing over and over. We were all so tired and we started laughing. We couldn’t figure out what he was doing and why he wasn’t using a plunger. Non of us knew the Spanish word for plunger so the 79 year old said just go in and do this…then she did a plunger imitation. That got us laughing so hard we were practically crying. I told her I had already gone in and showed him that. We all laughed and laughed about that silly plunger.

Finally the young man came out of the bathroom and said the toilet was fixed and to not put toilet paper in it, to only use the basura (garbage). I had forgotten about that rule. My roommates asked me how much toilet paper did I use. That got us all cracking up again.

After who knows how long we were able to stop laughing and I slept very soundly.

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      Thank you so mich upMichele. Now i’m getting settled in I am catching

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