Days 38 and 39 in Costa Rica

Day 38

Woke up at 5:30a.m. I stayed in bed and read for a while until I dozed off a little. I wasn’t quite in a sleep state. I was just dreamy, listening to the sounds of the birds and insects. I miss hearing insects during the winter when I am in Idaho. I think insects are so amazing, I just love them.

Around 7a.m. I got up, called the owner about the hot tub. I asked him if there was a reset button or a breaker that I could fix myself. He said he would be by in a while and show me where the breaker was and how to fix it. I checked my e-mail and wrote my blog until it was time for breakfast.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and cantaloupe

During breakfast the owner came by and took me down to the pool and showed me where the room was to flip the breaker. He also showed me how to drain and refill the hot tub and pool if the water needed changed out, as well as where all the filters are that need to be kept clean. I was glad to get all that information so I won’t have to keep bothering him whenever anything needs maintenance.

When breakfast was over I went on a walk with my group. I had to leave early to come back and do lunch prep. As I was walking along, happily enjoying the scenery a big dog ran up to me and started nudging me in the butt. I petted it and then told it to go home. Instead the dog jumped on me and was doing a full body hump. I finally pried the dog off  and was trying to walk away from him. He kept jumping up on me. I didn’t want to run because I felt that would encourage the dog to think it was a fun game. I saw some men working out in the field and yelled for them. They yelled at the dog and it finally let go of me and ran off. Whew…it’s a strange feeling getting molested by a dog…lol.

I continued on my walk. I was feeling so peaceful, warm and happy. On the trail a ways up I saw one of the ladies that had been fasting sitting on a rock on the side of the road. I walked up to where she was and she was having a hard time making it back to the retreat on her own. I told her I would be happy to help her. So we walked up the very long last hill together. It was so great talking to her. She is one of my favorite people to talk to here. We are both so very encouraging and helpful to each other.

We made it back and I was late for lunch prep, but only by about 5 minutes.

LUNCH: banana smoothie, bananas and celery

After lunch I was starting to give one of the fasters a haircut. I heard someone say that it was Monday and for some reason I thought it was Sunday. I had a phone consult that I had to do today. I called up my client and asked to reschedule. There was no way I would be able to fit it in. I had to finish the haircut and Clarissa wanted me to be at dinner prep. We rescheduled for the next day. I finished the hair cut, except a little bit that needed to be buzzed, but the clippers battery had died. By that time I was late for dinner prep. It seems like I’m late for everything and forgetting things today. I guess some days are like that.

DINNER: OJ blended with mango; heart of palms

During dinner I was thinking about the cooking job that I wouldn’t be going back to when I got home and how I was going to miss those people a lot because I really liked them. Then I got to thinking about how I’d been having an ethical debate with myself for a while about that job, because they want me to cook them regular standard American diet meals (SAD). I would try to make them as healthy as possible and by the best quality organic meats that don’t have hormones or steroids added. Still though, I had to touch the meat and deal with the yucky smell of it cooking…thinking about burning flesh and death. Preparing meat always made me feel really mournful and sad. Now that I’ve gotten in touch with the side of me that has compassion for all living creatures, I can’t just turn that off and be indifferent anymore.

So thinking all that through I realized that I never ever have to touch meat again in my life. I felt so happy and elated! I told everyone at my table about what happened and how I felt; they were cheering. Yay! Now I have an open space in my life that can be filled with something wonderful!

After dinner I ran down and turned on the hot tub so it would be warm after the evening session, then I worked on my blog until the video. We watched a video and then a lot of  people sang. I enjoy hearing all the different voices. While the singing was going on one of the young guys who had been fasting came and snuggled with me on the couch. It was just a friendship thing only and it was nice feeling snuggling. Such a fuzzy warm feeling J

When the singing was finished I sat in the hot tub for a few minutes, read and went to sleep at around 9p.m.


Day 39

Woke up at 6a.m. and turned on the hot tub. I read for an hour until it was warm and then soaked for a little while. I’m not sure what I am going to do when I get home and don’t have a hot tub available anymore L

At 7:15a.m. I went and did breakfast prep

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

During breakfast I had a few different interns come to me and wanted to change their scheduled work. I was getting a little bit frustrated because it seemed like so many interns wanted to be able to go on the walks and do the work outs and there wasn’t enough people to do the meal preps. I was finally able to get the schedule all worked out and make everyone happy.

When breakfast was over I did clean up and then went on a walk with my walking group.  It was a 2 hour walk. We had really fun conversations and I took lots of great pictures. We stopped on a bridge and did a few push-ups on the way up. We hiked up the brown trail, which is extremely steep, but had an amazing view at the top. On the way back we noticed a horse that seemed really hot, hungry and thirsty. The leader of our group Kevin took it’s water dish and ran down to the river to fill it up, while I gathered a bunch of grass that the horse was very happy to be eating.

One of the people here at the retreat is deaf and I was able to learn a lot of sign language on the walk. He is a great guy to talk with and he is always very patient with others when he is trying to communicate.

We made it back with about a half hour to spare before lunch. I went down to the river to jump off the rock. There wasn’t anyone else down there and I was thinking it might not be a good idea to be jumping of the rock and swimming alone. I knew I would be fine though and decided to do it anyway. I did two jumps off the rock and felt refreshed. I had about 15 minutes to just relax. I went by the pool and lied in a hammock and read until it was time for lunch,

LUNCH: banana smoothie, bananas, celery and romaine lettuce.

After lunch I called my mom. She was happy to hear from me. She said that she thinks she has a young family that wants to move into my rental house. She thought they would be perfect and had excellent references. They would be looking at the place on Saturday and she would let me know.

When I was finished talking with my mom I did a phone consult. Then I finished touching up the hair cut I had started the day before, I had to finish just a tiny bit.

Once that was done I had time to answer some e-mails. When I was checking my e-mail Grant came and got me and said that food quality wasn’t being checked good enough. He showed me how some of the food was going bad in the bodegas. I finished going through it and was happy that Grant had shown me the proper way to get it done. I didn’t know I had been doing it wrong before.

DINNER: OJ blended with mango and tomato celery soup

I told the regular evening hot tubers at dinner that I needed to go to bed early and there would be no hot tub party tonight. Some weren’t happy because it was Jerome’s birthday and they were thinking of having a hot tub celebration. I apologized about them not being able to have a hot tub party, but said I really really needed an early night.

After dinner I went straight to bed. I read for a few minutes. I was feeling really sad and unattractive for some reason. I decided I was just tired and I would feel better in the morning after a good nights sleep.

I went to sleep around 8:30p.m.


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