Day 36

Today was our easy day. We don’t actually get an official day off. An easy day is the closest we get.

Woke up at 4:30a.m. Read for an hour and then went back to sleep again until 6:30a.m. I turned on the hot tub but it was only putting out cold water. Hmmm…I will have to talk the owners about that to see what the problem is.

Since I didn’t get my warm morning bath I took a shower instead.

BREAKFAST: watermelon

It was a real simple breakfast. Just watermelon halves, exactly how I love to eat watermelon. I asked another intern at breakfast if she knew what the phone number was for the owners because I needed to call them about the hot tub not working. This intern had stayed here a month before we got here and became good friends with the owners, so I thought she would be the best person to ask. She said that she would call them and take care of it.

After breakfast I wrote my blog for a while, then hung around the great room talking to people until lunch.

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and romaine lettuce

At lunch I asked the other intern what the owners had said about the hot tub, she said that she had forgotten to call and would do it after lunch. I asked her for the number and told her I would be happy to call them. She said that she would do it and I didn’t need to make the call.

I did lunch clean up and then we had a meeting about the next event, which is the walking tour. I had to leave early to do a phone consult. The consult went really well. After the consult I called my kids. Savana was very excited to talk to me. Her voice lesson teacher had told her at her last voice lesson session that she wanted her to go to singing camp and she could go free of cost. Savana was ecstatic! It was great to know that she was doing well and was happy as ever.

I called Shawn next and we made plans about him coming to live with me over the summer. He’s not sure what he is doing with his life yet and is having a hard time figuring things out. He wants to be a police officer but is not sure where he wants to go to college or if he wants to work for a few years and then go through his schooling. It’s a tough age, but I’m sure he will make it through it just fine. I couldn’t get a hold of my 16-year-old Scott, so I just left him a message.

I found the intern that was supposed to call the owner and asked what was going on with the hot tub. She said she forgot to call again. I went and asked Doug if he knew the phone number and he said is was next to the phone in the great room. Well, if I would have known that I would have called myself first thing in the morning. Oh well….so I called them up and they said they would be here in the morning to see what the problem was.

DINNER: OJ/mango juice; tomatoes; mangos; lettuce and heart of palm.

Dinner was just bowls of fruits and veggies cut up. Yay! I love eating simply like this. That’s how I eat at home. I don’t go through the trouble of making fancy meals. Just peel and eat.

During dinner it occurred to me no one had checked out the rooms that the new people for the walking tour are going to be staying in. I thought they should be looked at to make sure they were made up really nice and had clean towels and linens.

It’s a good thing I checked because there were two huge spiders in the bathroom at the cabin by the river. Another one of the interns, Jerome was with me and we were trying to come up with a plan of how to get the spiders out. I tend to be a spider lover so I wasn’t scared of getting close to them. I just wanted to be able to remove them without hurting them. Jerome went to look for something to catch them with in the other room.

One spider was sitting on top of the garbage can lid. I thought that maybe if I picked up the garbage can gently I could walk and put it outside. So I very gently picked up the garbage can, the huge spider took off and ran right up my arm. I screamed, drop the garbage can and was flailing my arm around. Jerome came running in and I just started laughing. I couldn’t believe I had screamed like that. The poor freaked out spider ran across the floor and was trying to hide in the corner.

Jerome said he was going to go get a cup and piece of paper. I stayed there keeping an eye on the spiders. Jerome came back and caught the first spider under the cup. Slid it onto the paper and deposited the spider out the window. The second spider was on the ceiling. Jerome is tall but he could barely reach it. After a couple tries he caught the spider under the cup but it’s legs on one side were stuck under the edge of the cup. I was afraid the spider was going to be hurt and was yelling for him to let it go. He looked at what was happening and lifted the cup. The spider seemed to be ok. The next try he caught it underneath the middle of the cup and was able to move that spider outside as well. We both did a high five and I felt like we had been very successful in our endeavors.

About a half hour later the bus arrived with our new guests, making our total number now 31 people. I helped bring the family that was staying in the river house down. The lady was telling me on the way down how freaked out she got about spiders. I didn’t say a word about what we had just found and removed from the bathroom. I just smiled and said that there were a lot of spiders around but you got used to them and assured here that is she came across any big brown ones, they weren’t poisonous.

After all the new arrivals got settled in their rooms, I made up my bed, read for a little while and went to sleep around 10:30p.m.

Day 37

Woke up in the middle of the night with it raining on me. I was tired and didn’t want to get up but the rain seemed to be getting worse. I slid the lawn chair under the shelter and by that time I was awake. So I read for a while until I felt tired again and went back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning at 7:15a.m. Since the hot tub still wasn’t working I took a shower. Came up to the great room, checked my e-mail and wrote my blog until breakfast.

BREAKFAST: cantaloupe

I was excited to have something new for breakfast! I dove into the cantaloupe but they weren’t very good ones…aaa…disappointment L . Oh well, that happens sometimes.

During breakfast the owner of the retreat showed up and was able to get the hot tub working again. Woo hoo!!

After breakfast I wrote my blog. I am thinking at this rate I am going to be able to get caught up on it.

I went walking with my walking group. We took it very easy today on the first day. I had to leave early to come back and do lunch prep. I didn’t estimate my return time quite right and got back with a half hour to spare before work. I thought that a swim sounded good. I went and jumped off the rock into the river. I’m thinking that I’m pretty much a pro at jumping off that rock now. Not even a tiny bit of fear anymore J When I was getting dressed, I was talking to Stephanie who had came down for a swim. I was looking at her and all of a sudden her face was no longer blurry. It became perfectly clear and so did everything in the background. Just as fast as it came it was gone. I was really excited about it though. That is twice now that has happened since taking my glasses off. My eyes are getting better!

During lunch prep I hooked up my computer to the sounds system and we listened to fun music and danced around while preparing lunch. Fun stuff!

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas, celery and romaine lettuce.

After lunch Christie and I shared our music folders on our computers. Now I have a lot more music! Yay!! Then I did my eye exercises with Jerome and Stephanie. It felt so good sitting in the sun I decided to just stay sitting on the steps and soak up some rays while I could. After sitting for a half hour I went into the great room and finished my blog entry for the day.

We had an orientation meeting and then I went into the kitchen to set up the tables for ambiance and be a server for dinner. Being a server is my favorite job. I like getting up a lot during dinner. It drives me crazy to sit still at that time of night. I have to move my body to stay awake.

Right before dinner rain started pouring down. It was crazy rain; so heavy it looked like one big waterfall. I had a few minutes to check my e-mail before dinner. I received a message from one of my favorite clients. It is a client that I cook and clean for three days a week. In the e-mail she said that she had to let me go. I was feeling really sad about it, but I had to get to work serving dinner so didn’t have time to dwell on it that much.

DINNER: Oj/mango juice; tabouli, tahini sauce, partial dehydrated zucchini halves and romaine lettuce.

I decided to eat a more complicated dinner. It was so good. We haven’t been served any overt fats for over a month. The tahini sauce tasted so good. Clarissa said there was only 7 teaspoons in the sauce and it was spread out with enough for 31 people. So we each received very little overt fats per person. I loved the sauce spread over the zucchini halves. So yummy!

After dinner we had a slide show and Doug did a question and answer session. Doug also talked about how he was working on improving himself and trying to be more personable. I really like how Doug can admit he is human and has a lot of room for improvement.

When the meeting was over a few of us went down to the hot tub. It was barely warm. I went to turn on the heat pump and it wasn’t working again. We all soaked in the warm water for a while, but started to get cold.

When I got in bed I starting thinking about how much my life has changed in the past month. I just lost my biggest paying job, my roommate bought a house and is moving out as soon and I get back, my rental house is still empty. So my income will be down by more than half when I return home. Oh well…I have confidence everything will work out just fine.

I read for a few and went to sleep.