Days 30 and 31 in Costa Rica

Day 30

Woke up at 5a.m. I got up and checked my e-mail. I was really tired so I went back to bed at 6a.m. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I just lied there and tried to relax until I had to get up and do breakfast prep. I was really happy that classes were over. It was a very intense month.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

Half the interns didn’t even show up for breakfast. They were still sleeping, happy to have a morning without a breakfast class. It was so fun to have a lighthearted easygoing breakfast.

When breakfast was over I cleaned up and headed straight for the hot tub. Daniele was already down there soaking away. I joined her and we hung out at the pool in the sun laughing and goofing around for 2 hours. It was so great to be able to play and be a kid. I felt like a whole new person. Yes!!!!

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

Lunch was another fun meal. Lots of laughter and goofing around, we were all giddy with relief that we had made it through the internship. One thing about Doug is that he doesn’t mess around when he does things. He makes sure you get your moneys worth of lessons. I had no idea that the internship would be so intense. It’s been a few years since I’ve done schooling and I wasn’t prepared to hit the books fast and hard. I did learn a lot, despite the headaches and hell that I went through.

When lunch was over Ryan told his story. I love hearing everyone’s stories. It’s so fun to hear everyone’s journeys from sickness to health. I took a nap during the lecture and when I woke up I did some things on the computer and checked my e-mail.

I realized that the skin on my face kind of hurt a little. I went into the bathroom and my face was bright red. I had been playing at the pool that morning completely nude and wasn’t paying attention to the time. Uh oh. I was afraid to see what else was sunburned. I lifted up my shirt and sure enough, I was burned everywhere. Ooopsy. It wasn’t painful except a little bit on my face, so I was hopeful that it would tan up quickly and not be too much of a problem.

DINNER: fresh squeezed OJ blended with mango and cut up tomatoes.

Another meal of laughter and fun, ohhh, so blissful. Doug noticed my sunburn and reminded me that it wasn’t a smart thing to do. Lol…like I didn’t already know that. I got caught up in having fun and forgot about being smart, that happens sometimes.

When dinner was over I got an e-mail from my oldest son with a sad face. I called him up right away thinking something bad had happened. He said he was fine but he just missed me. Sooo sweet, I miss my kids a lot too. I can’t wait to get back home and see them.

Later on bunch of us when down to the pool for a hot tub party. The hot tub was too hot so Jerome jumped in the pool and started splashing the cold water into the hot tub. We thought that looked like great fun and we all jumped in the join him. We were like a bunch of teenagers (though 2 in the group actually were teenagers) screeching and acting all crazy. So much fun! Finally we got the hot tub cooled off and goofed around in that for a while. At about 8:30p.m. we were all tired and called it a night. Guess we’re not the late night party crowd…lol.

I decided I was going to sleep by the pool in one of the hammocks. I crawled into my sleeping bag, read for a half hour and went to sleep.

Day 31

I woke up in the middle of the night very cold. Underneath me in the hammock I had put a yoga mat to keep the airflow warmer underneath. It obviously wasn’t enough. So I moved onto one of the padded lawn chairs. It was a lot warmer there and I was able to go back to sleep.

I woke up again at 5:30a.m. and turned on the hot tub. I was so warm and cozy I just lied there staring at the clouds until 6a.m. I got in the hot tub and it wasn’t very hot yet, but it was warm enough. I soaked for a while then came up to the great room and wrote my blog. As I was writing I heard some new voices. I looked up and a guy I had met at health and fitness week, Kevin was here with his girlfriend Meagan and their 2-year-old son Dakarai. It was exciting to see new faces. I showed them where their room was and went to do breakfast prep.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

It was a pretty uneventful breakfast. Everyone was welcoming the new comers and were excited there was a little person around.

My sunburn was mostly gone, just a little bit on my chest. I thought it would be a good idea to avoid the sun for the day. So after breakfast clean up I stayed inside. Checked my e-mail and organized all my pictures on my computer.

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and romaine lettuce

After lunch Katie told her amazing story. It was Christie’s night to make dinner and she asked if I would come help her. So I helped Christie in the kitchen for a while. I had to take off for an hour to go do a phone consult. The consult went really well. Once that was over I went back to the kitchen to finish helping Christie get ready for dinner.

DINNER: fresh squeezed OJ blended with mango and sliced tomatoes.

After dinner we had another hot tub party. This one was much more mellow that the previous night. We were all really tired. It was over by 8p.m. and I was in bed by 8:30p.m. I am enjoying my little spot by the pool. It’s so nice falling asleep watching the stars.

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