Days 3 and 4 of the Woodstock Fruit Festival

August 22, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. I had been really warm all night but I thought it would be fun to go and snuggle with Danielle again. So I went to her cabin and we snuggled for about an hour. Then I got up and dressed. I went to check on my e-mail at the infirmary. I found out that my step grandma had died that morning.


I had to get to work and I was feeling kind of sad. I grabbed a watermelon and ate half of it while the kids were showing up. It was cold inside the dining room so went took the kids out on the grass in the sun. It was much warmer outside.

We brought some clay outside with us and the kids were having fun playing with that. I kept getting texts from my family and told the other people I was working with about my grandma. They were all very understanding and let me go for a while to talk to my family. My cell phone doesn’t work up here but Anne Osbourne let me borrow hers to make my phone calls, that way I didn’t have to call using google voice on my computer.

I called my grandpa and he wasn’t doing very well. I then called my mom and she was very upset and overwhelmed. She wanted me to come home to help her, but I told her that it wasn’t possible. She was really upset about that. I assured her it would all be fine and to take some deep breath’s. I then sent my sister a text and she said she would get a hold of mom and go see her later in the day.

I made it back to the kids and we hung out in the sun on the grass for the rest of the time I was working. During this time one mom came up to me and told me that I inspired her to go bicycle only and she has been doing it with her little boy for a year. She even rode 250 miles to come to the fruit festival, but then got too tired and had to bus the rest of the way. I was super stoked to talk to her and hear about how much her life has improved by switching to bicycle only. Woo hoo!


I ate 5 tangelo’s and drank 8oz. of fresh squeezed oj., while working with the kids. When I was done I went to get more food, but all that was out were watermelons, durians, apples and oranges. I didn’t want to eat any of that. There was some celery out and I ate a few stalks of that. I wanted to know why we didn’t have very many food choices when last year we had a lot. I asked Chris Kendall and he said that there was a lot of fruit in back but none of it was ripe yet and they were waiting for it to ripen. Ok…I guess I can live with that…sigh.

I got on my computer worked on my blog some more and called TS. Then I went to my room and took a nap. It was a really short but satisfying nap. I felt super energized after I woke up.


I went down to the dining room and the food choices were not any better. I grabbed a durian to eat and was heading outside when I saw Ellen Livingston. We started talking and she said she was headed to Anne Osbournes lecture. I hadn’t even been to any lectures yet so I decided to go as well. I ate my durian while listening to the lecture. The lecture was fantastic. It was about how we are all frugivores by design but because of abusing our bodies in the past and our genetic disposition we have to take into account dietary differences and different rates of nutritional absorption. I really enjoyed it.

After the lecture I went to find my kids. I found Shawn in Danielle’s cabin where a lot of people that were in Costa Rica together are staying. There was a bunch of people in there goofing around. I hung out with my friend Rob and we caught up on each other’s lives. It was great fun.

I headed off and went back to the infirmary to get more stuff done on the internet and called TS again. We talked for a long time…like an hour. Wow.

I went back down to the dining room, the food choices were not any better. I ran into my friend Vicky from Costa Rica and we made a date to get together tomorrow at 1:30p.m, she was working so we couldn’t talk long.


I ate a bunch of lettuce and drank some coconut water. When leaving I ran into a young man named Guillermo that I had met at the fruit festival last year. He asked if he could interview me. I said “sure when do you want to do it”. He said “how about now”. “Ok, let’s do it”! We found a place in the back of the dining hall and the interview was so much fun. I love Guillermo’s energy! After the interview we were sitting there talking when Tony Wright walked up and he had a ripe banana in his hand.


Guillermo and I were staring at that banana. “Where did you get that banana?” I asked. Tony said he brought it with him and said I could have it. I gently took the banana and said that we should split it three ways. Tony said he didn’t want it and that we could share it. Guillermo peeled it and we split it exactly in two. It was the best banana we had ever

Tony and Guillermo started talking. I thanked Tony for the banana. I went up and called TS again briefly. Then I went down to the beach where there was a campfire and drumming circle. Shawn and Savana were down there. I checked in to see how they were doing. Things were good with them. I was feeling tired and went back to my room.

At the cabin I organized my stuff and read for a while before drifting off to sleep at around 10:30p.m.

August 23, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. Went to Danielle and snuggled for a while. I like this morning routine, it’s really the only time I get to see Danielle because she is working here too doing video’s.

I got up and went to the infirmary to work on my blog some more before starting work. I called my mom and she is doing much better. They are having a small memorial service for my step grandma tomorrow.

I then went to the dining hall for breakfast hoping that there would be more choices on what to eat.


On the way to the dining hall I heard someone say that there were bananas. I was super stoked but when I got there they were already all gone. I was so hungry I thought I would cry. I spotted 3 bananas sitting alone and I snagged them up. I blended them into a smoothie but I knew that wouldn’t be close to enough food.

I few minutes later they brought out another box of bananas. There were so many people grabbing bananas out of it I couldn’t get to it, so I went around the other side of the table and crawled on top and snagged about 15. Woo hoo.

They were not quite ripe yet, so I found a hiding spot for them and will eat them for breakfast tomorrow…hehe.

The kids started showing up and I was too busy to think about food anymore. There was a lot of kids and things were crazy. We had a small parachute and the kids colored it. We played game outside for a while. The staff I work with kept going off and leaving me alone with all the kids and I was not liking that. Especially when one kid would start to run off and I would have to leave all the other kids to chase that one.

Later on we took the kids inside and played games. Then we got out the paint and everything got crazy again. Paint was being spilled everywhere, as well as water. Kids were hitting each other and crying. I was so ready to be done with this whole business. I am so glad my kids are not little anymore. One kid ended up missing and they found him down by the water. Yikes! I told the other staff that these things can’t be happening and we are going to have a meeting in the morning about being better organized.

Snack: Somehow in the middle of all this chaos I was able to get a hold of 3 papayas and they were absolutely delicious!

Finally 1 o’clock came and my shift was over.


I grabbed a durian and sat out of the grass with my friend Vicky. We talked about what had been happening in our lives since we last saw each other in Costa Rica. It was so great talking to my dear friends. We hugged and cried about things and were instantly boned again like we had been this winter.

Savana came along and wanted to do the zip line so Vicky walked up to the zip line with us, then she had to go to work. The zip line was closed, so Savana and I decided to go canoeing instead. On the way to the lake we asked one of the staff members when the zip line was open. They said it opened at 3 o’clock daily. It was 2:15 and Savana I decided we would still go canoeing and do the zip line tomorrow.

When we got down to the lake Shawn was there. We asked we to go canoeing with us. He said he would kayak next to us.

We all went out on the lake. It was fun canoeing around. I had a good talk with Shawn, which was nice since I hadn’t seen much of him. We started getting bitten up my horse flies so we headed back.

Savana took off to swim with her friend and after I pushed Shawn in the water. I took off and went up to the infirmary to get stuff done on the computer. I called TS and talked for way too long.

I finally got off the phone and went outside. I saw my friend Jerome that I knew from Costa Rica. We sat and talk for a while. Jerome had to get to work so I walked around. On the hillside there was some people playing instruments. I lied down in the sun and listened to the music for a while. Then talked to a few people sitting around me. I am surprised at how many people tell me that they read my blog. Yay!

Savana came along and wanted to play ping pong. We played until dinnertime.


We stood in line for dinner and I talked to Tessa who I had met at Health and Fitness week last year. Dinner was raw zucchini noodles and with raw spaghetti sauce. It was a small portion but was really good. Savana even slurped hers up.

After dinner I called TS again and finished writing my blog. I went to bed early at around 9p.m. and read for a while. The couple sharing our cabin came in and they had only paid for three days and were leaving tomorrow. We talked for a while and it was great to get to know them.

I went to sleep around 10p.m.

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