Days 21 and 22 in Costa Rica

Day 21

I woke up every hour throughout the night. I was experiencing very heavy bleeding from menstruating. It came as a surprise to me. The amount of fats I eat throughout the month usually determines how heavy my bleeding is and whether I have cramps or not. The whole month I had eaten no overt fats at all, thankfully I had no cramps but I was bleeding like crazy. I was happy about it though. I knew that my body was cleansing and it was a good thing. I know next month it will be much lighter.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

After breakfast I answered my e-mails then monitored my faster. Once that was finished I had an hour of free time. I went down to the river and walked downstream a little ways away from everyone else. When I am menstruating I feel a much stronger connection with nature than I normally feel. The water was calling to me, so I took off all my clothes and sat in the river just letting my blood flow. The water was ice cold, so I alternated between sitting in the water and sunbathing on a nearby rock. I basked in the beautiful mountains, trees and water and felt blessed to be a woman.

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

At the lunch meeting Grant asked us to share where we were having frustrations with the schedule we have been following for the internship. I shared that I was only getting about one or two hours a day of free time. I had to choose to use that time to relax or do homework. I was choosing to relax and take care of my personal needs. The other interns were feeling the same way and we were glad to get a chance to be heard.

After lunch I was on clean up. Then I listened to Danielle tell her life story and six of us sung “Scarborough Fair” by Simon and Garfunkel.

During the lecture I wrote and caught up on my blog.

DINNER: oj, tomatoes, zucchini, mangos and lettuce

It was a simple dinner tonight and I was very happy about that.

I was really tired through dinner from not sleeping very well. As soon as dinner was over I went straight to bed.


Day 22

I was up every hour again…still bleeding heavy. I couldn’t believe a person could lose that much blood. It was crazy. I knew it was the last night though. The bleeding should be easing up by tomorrow night.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

The breakfast meeting was about sleep and whether resting with your eyes closed can be just as effective as sleep. There was a lot of debate about this and I don’t feel like we came to a consensus. I myself feel that nothing can replace really being asleep. I know I have to have good deep sleep in order to feel truly rested.

After breakfast I monitored my faster, then answered my e-mails. I was really tired and went to my room to try to get a nap in. My mind was too busy to sleep, so I just rested and read. I did feel better after resting, which reminded me of the breakfast conversation. Resting wasn’t as good as sleep though.

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

After lunch I listened to Stephanie’s story. I was getting a small headache from my eyes so I went and tried napping again. This time it worked and I took about an hour nap. Mosquitoes buzzing my head woke me up. It’s hard to nap sometimes because mosquitoes will eat you up…I always get under the blankets all the way and just leave a small breath hole for my mouth. In my sleep I had uncovered my head and the mosquitoes were having a hay day.

I had an hour before dinner and I used that time to call my boys. It was so great talking to them. They live in Utah with their dad and I only get to see them once a month. With me being gone for 8 weeks, I am missing two very precious visits. My boys are doing great though. My oldest is going to come live with me for the summer. We are going to have so much fun together this summer!

DINNER: mango oj

I can’t recall what the dinner meeting was about.

After dinner I called my daughter. She is doing really good as well. She went on a 3 day field trip with her school this week and she was really excited to tell me about it.

It was so nice being able to talk to all of my children and hear their voices. I went to bed happy and content.