Days 17 and 18 in Costa Rica

DAY 17

Doug and Grant were going on a walk early in the morning at 5:45a.m. and we were all invited to go along. Doug said it was a casual stroll, but knowing Doug it would be an intense workout of some sort.

Stephanie and I were the only ones that showed up. It was a very intense hike. We climbed up this incredibly steep mountain. It was a beautiful view. The pace was very fast and I would have liked to go slower and enjoy the scenery more.

On our way back we went past an orange tree. Doug said they were really sour oranges. I had to try them out. They were really sour but tasted so good. I ate 2 of them before I couldn’t take any more sourness. Later on there were some guava’s. I had never eaten fresh guava and it smelled heavenly. Doug warned me that they had worms, so I just picked the worms out and ate the rest. The seeds were hard and crunchy but it was really yummy.

The last little bit of the hike I was feeling quite tired. Doug and Stephanie had gone ahead and Grant stayed back with me. We very slowly made it up the last hill to the retreat and were a little bit late for breakfast. The entire hike took 2 ½ hours.


BREAKFAST: blended watermelon and star fruit; cut up papaya

I was soo hungry after the hike. The watermelon/star fruit juice tasted horrible to me so I just went for the papaya. There wasn’t very much papaya out and I was still hungry. Clarissa said I could get some bananas, so I ate 4 of those and felt satisfied.

I was really tired and knew I needed a nap. I asked Drew if I could do his breakfast prep tomorrow if he would trade me and do lunch prep. He was happy to do that because he wouldn’t have to get up early in the morning.

I went and monitored my fasters. I had a new faster and she is an older woman. She confided a lot of things to me. Her 19 year old daughter is also fasting they are sharing a room. My faster said she had to talk to me about something that was one her mind and she wanted to be able to talk without her daughter being there. She wanted to know if I could come talk to her later on. I assured her I would do that.

After monitoring I went straight to my room and took a 45-minute nap. I woke up a minute before lunch… which was pretty amazing.


LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

I spent most of the lunch meeting zoned out. At the end of lunch I finally started to perk up and feel awake again.

After lunch I found my faster and she talked to me about something that was really bothering her. I suggested some ways for her to work through it and she came up with a good plan.

I was asked to share my life story during video time.

My life story took an hour to tell. I was surprised it took that long, but I told everything! Things I usually don’t even mention about my life I just threw out there. I felt so light and relieved when I got done. It was a very healing experience. After my story I sang a song in dedication to my dad who passed away in March. The song was “A Long Hard Road” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt band.

My story was recorded and I plan on sharing it on youtube when I get back home and am able to upload.


DINNER: dinner was planned and prepared by Danielle. She did Italian and set up a dinner and dance theme.

We did ballroom dancing a little bit before the meal. It was a lot of fun. The last dance I was partnered with Jerome. I don’t even know how to ballroom dance but Jerome took the lead and had me flying all around the dance floor. I was laughing so much. I think I might look into ballroom dancing when I get back to Boise.

The dinner was fabulous. Danielle did a great job.

I was tired of the dinner lessons being so late at night. I was exhausted from the morning hike and I was tired of being forced to do critical thinking after a day of exhausting events.

After dinner I went to straight to bed at around 8:30p.m.



DAY 18

I woke up at 6a.m. I figured I would be really sore from the hike the day before, but I hardly felt any soreness or stiffness in my legs. I was pretty happy about that.

I spent an hour and a half catching up on my blog. When I went to post it something went wrong. So I went back to my saved version and it was all saved in computer script. ARG!! I didn’t have time to re-do and so was resigned to starting over again at another time.


BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

After breakfast meeting I went and monitored my fasters. The one faster that was upset yesterday was doing much better and I was glad to see she had worked through a lot of things.

When I was done monitoring I had a half hour of free time before lunch. I went down to the pool and swam 10 laps. They lied nude in the sun for 20 minutes. My ears filled with water again from swimming even though I tried wearing ears plugs…they were not ear plugs meant for swimming.

I was dizzy again when I headed up for lunch. I wasn’t too worried about it though, since I knew it was caused from having water in my ears.


LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

I was having trouble giving my reports on my fasters because I kept loosing my train of thought due to having vertigo. I explained what was going on with me so everyone would know why I was acting so strangely.

About half way through lunch the vertigo started to go away, but I felt really tired.

After lunch I sat on the couch and Rob was going to tell his life story today, which I was excited to hear about. I fell asleep before Rob even started talking. I slept for about 45 minutes. I felt so much better when I woke up, but was bummed about missing Rob’s story.

It was Stephanie’s day to plan and prepare dinner and she had asked me to help out. So I went to the kitchen. Rob was helping out as well so I asked him how his story went. He said it went fine and was short and sweet. I asked him if he minded giving me a recap while we were preparing dinner. So he filled me in, which I was glad about. It helped me understand Rob so much more.


DINNER: Stephanie did a Japanese theme. So we decorated the dinning room like a zen garden. She served miso soup, sushi and a salad.

All the food turned out really well.

Dinner meeting wasn’t as intense and usual and was a lot more easy going. I was happy about that.

After dinner all the interns were given a choice to continue having classes for an extra week. There were three of us that didn’t want to extend the classes…me being one of them…I just wanted to relax and enjoy Costa Rica a little bit. The other three interns wanted to extend the classes. We all had a discussion and I felt that I couldn’t interfere with those that wanted to keep learning. So we decided to do classes for an extra week. Ahhh…I suppose I will make it through.

After dinner I bought some google credit and made a few phone calls to check on how things were doing back home. I was glad to get to talk to my friends and family.

I went to bed at around 9p.m.