Days 13 in Costa Rica

DAY 13

I woke up with a slight headache and wasn’t feeling very well.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

Jerome did a presentation on the difference in nutrients between a standard American diet and an 80/10/10 diet. Definitely eating fruits and vegetables gives us the right amount of nutrients without putting negative bi products in our system such as cholesterol. The standard American diet was lacking in many nutrients and full of many things that are not productive to maintaining perfect health.

After breakfast I monitored my fasters. One of the fasters wanted a hair cut and I was the only one here with some hair cutting experience. I was really nervous cutting his hair, it has been a lot of years since I’ve given a hair cut. Once I got started though it all came back to me and his hair cut turned out really well.

I had a half hour of free time before lunch so I ran down to the river, jumped in a couple of times and lied nude in the sun. My headache was getting worse and my ears were not draining from swimming causing me to have vertigo.

LUNCH: blended banana’s, banana’s and romaine

I felt horrible all through lunch. With the headache and dizziness combined I was not very good at participating in the meeting.

After lunch I watched the video and listened to the lecture until 3p.m. Then I was on dinner prep. I was sent off to get decorations for the dinner table. I would have loved having this task again if I felt better, but every step I took made my head just throb and throb. I just wanted to go to bed and I was feeling frustrated that I was sick again. I didn’t want to spend my whole time here getting sick over and over. I just couldn’t figure out why I would even be having these symptoms. I was eating great food, getting fresh air and sunshine and getting enough sleep for the most part. What was going on??!!

DINNER: I didn’t eat much at dinner and can’t even remember what was served.

I have no idea what the dinner meeting was about. I just know that it ran over time and as soon as it was over I went straight to my room and fell asleep immediately.