Days 14, 15 and 16 in Costa Rica

DAY 14

I woke up at 3a.m. and my headache was worse. I was able to fall back asleep at 5a.m. and slept until 7a.m.

I was on breakfast prep, so I went to the kitchen to help make breakfast.

I was told that I was in charge of putting together and preparing dinner that night.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

I ate a little bit. My head was pounding and I was still d


After breakfast I went to my room and I decided that this was not the best place for me to be right now. I kept getting sick and I had too many responsibilities. It was hard enough to keep up with the schedule when feeling good, I just could do it anymore when I was getting sick over and over.

I was frustrated and sad. I just wanted to go somewhere where I could sleep, lie in the sun and eat fruit until I got 100% better.

I went out to monitor my fasters. Danielle came up to talk to me. I informed her that I was leaving and she was trying to convince me to stay. I just freaked out. I threw my papers and pen and said I couldn’t take it anymore…I needed to rest and get better!! She said I should talk to Doug and I said Doug was part of the problem. I was upset and crying. I calmed myself down some and went to monitor my fasters.

The fasters were still doing great. They could tell I was upset, but I assured them that I was ok.

I went to the kitchen to get water. Clarissa came up to me and told me that Doug wanted to ask me a question. I said that I was busy and that it wasn’t all about Doug. When I came outside the kitchen Doug was sitting there on a lounge chair. He said he wanted to talk to me and I told him I was busy and kept walking.

I went to my room and started packing my backpack. My head was still hurting and I was crying. Grant came and talked to me. He said that it would be better if I stayed. I told him that I couldn’t stay. I couldn’t perform my duties anymore and I needed to go to a place where I could just be, heal and rest. Grant said I could do that here, I could move down to the cabin by the pool and stay there as long as I needed until I felt better. I was welcome to come up and eat meals and just rest. I told him that it just wouldn’t work because I would spend the whole time feeling guilty for not doing the work that I came here to do. He suggested that I make a deal with myself to not think that way. Ahh ..Grant…ever so wise when dealing with crazy people. I told him I wanted to lie down and I would think about it.


I lied down until lunch.


LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

I ate a little bit of lunch.

After lunch I went down by the pool and lied in one of the hammocks for a couple of hours. I spent that time mostly just crying. I was so sad and didn’t want to have this headache anymore.

I got in the hot tub a couple of times, took a couple of showers and lied in the hammock some more…watched the trees and listened to the insects.

DINNER: I didn’t eat much and cried through most of dinner.

When dinner was over I got my sleeping bag and book. I went down to the cabin by the pool. There wasn’t a mattress on the bed so I lied on blankets on top of wooden planks. It was a long cold night. My body is not used to sleeping on hard surfaces, though I used to sleep on the floor and got used to it.


DAY 15

I woke up at 6a.m. and read my book until breakfast. My head still hurt, but wasn’t as bad as it had been the day before.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

I was still feeling really sad at breakfast. Clarissa was getting on the interns for not taking notes on the video the day before. I couldn’t sit there and watch her talk to the other interns this way. I said that the interns had been doing really good and have a heavy workload. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal to miss taking notes on one thing. I might have been out of line, but Clarissa didn’t say anything to me.

After breakfast I went back to my spot by the pool. I washed all my clothes by hand and hung them out to dry. I soaked in the hot tub for a while and then took a really long nap on one of the lounge chairs. I still wanted to leave. I couldn’t stand the thought of going back to 9 hours of day of meetings, lectures and homework.

LUNCH: blended banana, bananas and celery

I don’t remember much about lunch. I still had a mild headache and was still feeling extremely sad.

After lunch I went back to my spot by the pool, soaked in the hot tub and read until was time for dinner.

DINNER: Drew prepared and planned dinner. He did a great job. He had a pirate theme and decorated accordingly. The whole meal he talked like a pirate when was fun and entertaining. Even though I still had a slight headache I enjoyed the dinner and thought it was a lot of fun.

When dinner was over I brought my sleeping bag up from the cabin and slept in my room.


DAY 16

I woke up and my headache was gone. Yay! Finally!

I hadn’t been on my computer hardly at all for 2 days. As soon as I opened up my computer and looked at the screen my headache started to come back. I closed the screen and my headache faded. I did this a couple of times, just to make sure. Then it hit me…it’s my eyes that are causing me to have headaches. I’ve been a couple of weeks without my glasses and have been feeling “off” in some way or another during that whole time. Ah ha! It felt so good to realize what was causing me to keep getting headaches.

I opened up my computer again and turned down the lights to dim…it immediately took the pressure off my eyes. Good deal. I think that will work and if I can manage to limit my computer usage time I might be able to keep my headaches at bay.

I spent 2 hours catching up on my homework and getting ready to do my presentations for breakfast and lunch.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

At breakfast I did a presentation on monounsaturated fats. The “good fats”, these fats are found in plants. Olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, avocados and such. Of course there are many problems that occur when over eating any type of fat.

Afterwards I monitored my fasters. All of them look so amazing and are doing so well. It is great to see the process. I’ve never seen anyone fast long term before and it is really fascinating to watch.

I then worked on my lunch presentation until it was time for lunch.

LUNCH: blended bananas, bananas and celery

At lunch I did a presentation on Bell’s Palsey. Interesting disease and is only diagnosed by a method of elimination. It goes away on it’s own or with treatment in about 3 to 6 months.

After lunch it was my day to prepare dinner. I started working on it right away. My dinner helpers came at 3p.m. to help me prepare. I finished all the decorating and preparations at exactly 5p.m.

DINNER: fresh squeezed oj blended with mango and tomato. Salad with romaine lettuce, bell pepper, zucchini, cucumber and mango. I made 4 different salad dressings using different versions of mango, tomato, cucumber, starfruit and green onion. Kebab’s with red pepper, starfruit, mango and cucumber. Last was a tomato basil soup with tomatoes and dehydrated tomatoes. It all turned out really good.

My theme for dinner was feminine energy. I had everyone sit in a circle on mats. Drew and Jerome were my servers and every time I clapped my hands they got up to remove dishes and bring out the next dish. The whole room was decorated in different forms of circles. I had a great time putting it together and the dinner went really well.

After dinner I met with Doug, Grant and Clarissa to get my review of how I did. I got a 5 star review that I was very happy about J

I went to sleep at around 9p.m.