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day one of food intake

I am spending the next 30 days revealing what I eat every day, how I feel and how much exercise I am doing.
Day one:
slept horrible, had bad dreams about food. I woke up feeling groggy and foggy headed from eating bad the night before. Got up at 6:30a.m.
Biked 1 mile to work and back
Breakfast: 8 small organic brae burn apples: worked cleaning for 3 hours
Felt much better. Fog lifted, energy was back. Felt very happy, content and peaceful.
took city bus across town to fruit stand. Biked 1/2 mile to next job.
Lunch: 3 cantaloupe: worked cleaning for 2 hours
Still feeling great. Had great mind set and attitude.
Took city bus back across town
Worked cleaning and cooking for 2 hours.
Biked 1 mile home.
Dinner: Went out to Shangri-la tea room to see a presentation (drove my mom’s car because I brought some kids along). Wish I would have biked.
Ate a cabbage salad, it came with a citrus ginger dressing that I am sure had oil in it. Also, I had a small portion of raw avocado-cacao pudding.
Developed a small headache after eating all those fats and cacao. Felt irritable and was cranky with my daughter. Felt like my energy had been zapped, wished I could go to bed and it was only 7p.m.

Tomorrow I want to focus on eating some greens and avoiding all overt fats. We will see how well that goes 🙂


  1. Thanks for sharing this!! I am reading all your entries right now!

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