Day four of health and fitness week 2011

Yesterday I was feeling a lot better. I woke up on my own at 5 a.m. Was able to have some great time before wake up calls to write in my blog and just enjoy the quite of the morning. At 5:30 I did my wake up calls and some laundry.
For breakfast I had 11 peaches. They were sooo good. I could have eaten one or two more. After lunch I went to town with Grant again. We worked on our skit and had a great time. We first stopped at a store called Fred Meyers. Once I was inside, I had a strange reaction. I immediately was hit with all these old feelings and cravings. We passed by the beer and I wanted a beer really bad…I’ve never even liked beer! We passed by the canned food and I wanted spaghettio’s…(really? spaghettio’s? ewww). It was like that through the whole store. Not sure where all of that came from, but eventually it passed.  One of the next stops we had to make was at Walmart. That was a big challenge for me. I haven’t stepped inside a Walmart for years and at first I told Grant he was on his own, that I would wait in the car. Once we got there though I changed my mind and decided to be brave. Amazingly enough we got in the door without being seen by the greeter. We moved very fast through the store. Grant kept me under his spell of protection. Luckily, we found exactly what we needed, which we could not find at any of the other stores we had been to. We made it through check out and since we didn’t want a plastic sack to put our stuff in, I was sure we would be stopped at the door to have our receipt examined (which irritates me to no end). It was a miracle though, the greeter was once again busy with someone else and we breezed right on by. Grants protective spell worked! After that we went to the Skagit county co-op. What a fantastic place, full of great energy and happy people.
We made it back just in time for lunch. Banana ice cream! sooo yummy. I ate my ice cream and blended banana’s for lunch. I felt very full and satisfied. After lunch I did more laundry and decided to take a nap. I had a wonderful sleep and when I woke up my roommate Danielle was there. We had a great time talking and laughing. I stayed in my room until dinner time, relaxing, taking a long bath and reading.
Dinner’s theme was “Harry Potter”. The dining room looked amazing. We all had to sit and have “Dumbledore” or (Darrell) put the deciding hat on us while we picked a piece of paper telling which house we were in. I was a griffondore. It was very fun. For dinner I had orange nectarine juice. In the middle of my meal I started feeling emotional again. I just wanted to cry for reasons unknown. I couldn’t even sit at the the table. I got up and my friend Ron called right about that time. I vented everything I was feeling to him, all my fears and frustrations. I’m sure he appreciated that…lol. I felt better and I went back to the table. I started talking to one of the chef’s sitting next too me, Alicia. She is so beautiful and always smiling. We were talking about food and how I’ve been eating mono meals the past few days to get my digestion back on track (which is working fabulously, btw). It then hit me that I have not been eating any overt fats. I remembered how my emotions always “detox” when I take a break from the fats. We were at the same table as Doug and brought this up as a discussion. Basically it’s all about energy. Fats take a lot of energy to digest and digestion comes first. When we are not eating fats our bodies move on to the next need, which is processing emotions. It seems that everyone…not just me…has the same reaction when they take breaks from eating fats. It is a good process though and is important to go through.
There is a 16 year old here named Drew, an incredible young man! He came over and talked to me after dinner. He has spent a lot of time studying emotions and gave me some wonderful insight. It is amazing how much wisdom that 16 year old has….just astounding! Drew gave me some great tools to work with and just made my night! Thank you Drew!
That was day number 4 🙂 I’m hoping that I get at least one work out in on day number 5.

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