Day 5 in Costa Rica

I woke up at 6 a.m. Felt well rested and energetic. Worked on my research homework and presentation. I had a feeling I would be called on at lunch today to give my presentation on the digestive system and I wanted to be ready.

On my way to breakfast I ran into Danielle talking Spanish with a local woman. I saw a great opportunity to work on my Spanish and stopped to join in the conversation. I learned a few new words and enjoyed myself.

In the great room Clarissa was talking about the exercises she did in order to not need glasses anymore. I decided right then to take off my glasses for the rest of my time here and work on getting my eye sight back. Throughout the day I did palming several times and practiced sun gazing when the sun came up.

BREAKFAST: watermelon and papaya

Breakfast presentation was done by Jerome on vitamins B and C. It was a fantastic presentation. Jerome is a very good speaker. He showed how we get plenty of these 2 vitamins with a whole foods, raw, plant based diet. Including vitamin B12 which is produced in the small intestine.

After breakfast I monitored my faster. I had a different faster than I’d had previous days. This faster looked great. He is staying on here in Costa Rica another month after this event and we talked about what he is going to do during that time. He is a surfer and he plans on heading to the coast to get some surfing in, as well as just traveling around eating good fruit. Sounds like fun! Wish I could join him 🙂

I went back to the great room. Clarissa was there with a jump rope. I decided to see what I could do after not exercising much for the past 2 months. I got up to 53  jumps in a row and was pretty winded. I sat in the sun a while to rest. Then Christie came over and told me that I wasn’t done yet. Oh really! lol…I guess I could give it another go. This time I made it to 63, which I was pretty impressed with since my record is 73. After that my legs were too wobbly to go again and it was time to help out with lunch prep anyway.

LUNCH: blended banana’s, banana’s and cucumbers

I love the simplicity of the meals. My digestive system is loving it as well. Lunch discussion, we talked about our fasters and how they were doing, making sure there was nothing to be concerned about. Grant called on me to do my presentation…I knew that was going to happen! Without my glasses it was a little bit of a challenge to read my computer screen while standing. I didn’t think I did that great on the public speaking part. I was slow and choppy. Doug said I did a great job considering that I couldn’t see very well, so I was happy with that. He said it was good that I went slow and I was very down to earth. Ok great!

After lunch was the slide show, then we watched a video of Doug and after the video we always share “good news”. Then Grant called me up to sing, which I had volunteered for. I was very nervous for some reason, but I feel like I did a pretty good job. The song I sang is called “Florida Rain”, by Matt Bauer. I love that song because it reminds me to enjoy the moment. I’ve gone through hard times in the past and I will go through more hard times in the future, but all that matters is what is happening right now.

After singing Doug talked and did his lecture. I fell asleep again…lol. Then had to leave early to do dinner prep, so I missed most of it again. I do know that it was on the Law of Symbiosis.

DINNER: tomatos, pineapples and fresh squeezed oj blended with a little bit of mango.

Dinner was so yummy. The tomato’s were sliced with a slice of pineapple in between two tomato slices…to look like a hamburger patty with cheese. The best burger I have ever tasted!

Dinner conversation was reading a couple pages of a response to 80/10/10 and coming up with ways of why this was not accurate. It was a great exercise in critical thinking and we had a lot of fun with it.

I had warmed up the hot tub before dinner, so when dinner was over I was excited to get into it. It gets a little chilly up here after 5 when the sun goes down. The hot tub water was perfect, just hot enough to not be too hot. I was so nice soaking in the warm water until a dead frog floated up to me. Scared me! I started to look around and there was 2 other frogs floating around half alive. I took all the frogs out of the water and was feeling really sad about them. I didn’t really want to soak in the hot tub anymore. So I got out and went to my room to write my blog. Shortly after I got on-line the internet went out, so I took that as a sign to go to bed early.

I went to sleep at 8:30 p.m. and had some really fun dreams.