Day 4 of Health and Fitness Week

September 11, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. I felt like my fever had broke. I laid there a while and decided I could get up. I was still a little dizzy, but felt like myself again.

I worked on my blog and did laundry. Not much had built up on my day “off”, so thankfully there wasn’t a lot to do.


I drank one tall glass of blended nectarines and pears.

I was feeling much better, but still a little dizzy and not 100%. I wanted to start working out but knew that I needed to rest another day.

Around 11p.m. I went and lied down and slept for 3 hours. I missed lunch but that was ok because I wasn’t really that hungry yet.

I got up and Doug was teaching a class out in the sun. I lied down with the beautiful sun on me and listened to the lecture for a while.

My mom called and talked to me about how my grandpa was doing. He’s having a hard time being alone since my step grandma died a couple of weeks ago.

When I got off the phone I decided I could do an easy work out. I got on my tall bike, which has been sitting being neglected, and I rode a mile or so through the country. It was great to be out exercising again! I love the feeling it gives me.

When I got back I grabbed a book and sat in the sun reading. My brother called, I hadn’t talked to him in a long long time and he was excited because he just got a really good job. I was happy for him. When I got off the phone I read for a while longer.

I could hear something really fun going on in the work out room so I went to check it out. They were doing all kinds of fun things with balancing each other with their bodies in different ways. I took lots of pictures and secretly wished I could participate.



At dinner I had about 4 large glasses of fresh squeezed OJ blended with pear and peaches. My tummy was very full and not happy that I had drank so much so fast. The rest of dinner I didn’t really eat, just a little bit of salad with a lemon dressing. I knew I had pushed my limits with the juice and didn’t want to mess things up just as I was getting better. I’ve learned that listening to my body is always best.

After dinner I went to bed early. I couldn’t fall asleep so I read for a while. I finally started to drift off when Danielle came in the room.

She was in tired and in a bit of a “huff”, her crashing around woke me up and so I just got up and turned on the light for her so she could see.

She got everything she needed and went to take a shower. I read until she came back figuring if I went back to sleep she would wake me up when she came back anyway. After a while Danielle came back in the room with Katie. She was in a much better mood, laughing with Katie. They both filled me in on their “love” lives, which was what all the laughing was about. We had fun talking, finally we went to sleep around 11p.m.

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