It has been a few weeks since I posted last. That’s a big change since I posted almost daily for years. Times are changing baby!

I decided a couple weeks ago that there has been a whole lot of winter in Texas this season and that I needed to go Mexico. So I booked a flight and rented an Airbnb house and here I am. It has been a challenging couple of days of travel. Traveling with an almost 3 year old isn’t very relaxing. It has been great practice in reminding myself to enjoy the moment no matter what and reminding myself that everything happens for me. I am grateful to get in some good quality practice time.

Yesterday I spent the morning organizing, cleaning and packing. Angel helped mess up the house while I was cleaning it, I got in some good practice time with patience and remembering what was truly important. A curious and creative child is way more valuable than a clean house. That’s a tough one for my obsessively clean house self.

Then I drove to Houston. I hit a few rain storms on the way that slowed me way down. Angel slept most of the drive which was refreshing. I drank a 64oz. banana, lettuce and cacao smoothie on the drive. I arrived at my friend Bibi’s and had some tea briefly before needing to get an Uber to go to the airport. It was awesome briefly seeing Bibi. She is a ray of sunlight.

At the airport I quickly realized that having a car seat, stroller, backpack, a small rolling suitcase and a toddler was a little much for one person to handle. Regardless I did it. I had tried before hand to figure out how to not bring along the car seat since we would be going by bus in Mexico but I had to have her in the car seat in the Uber car and I couldn’t see a way around not bringing it. Thankfully I got the car seat checked in right away and it was one less thing to haul around. Everything went smoothly through security and getting on the plane. The 3 hour flight went fast. Angel did really well and I managed to eat 4 huge apples that I had brought along because customs would toss them if I tried to bring them through.

When we arrived at the Cancun airport. We went through customs and were headed outside when I remembered that I had the car seat and I forgot to get it from the luggage carousel. I told a security guard my situation and they had someone fetch it for me. Which was very kind of them. Then I managed to get Angel and all our luggage with the car seat to the bus stop. After a short 20 minutes wait the bus arrived. Since I only bought one ticket, Angel was on my lap and the car seat got stored underneath. I caught myself mentally grumbling about the useless car seat that I had to lug around. I quickly reminded myself that the car seat was with us for a reason and to have faith.

When we arrived in Cancun around 8pm. I knew exactly where I was going. Eight years ago I had visited there with my friend John Weber and we stayed at a hotel down from the bus station. I hauled Angel…the stroller, the car seat and the suitcase down the broken sidewalk to the hotel. When I arrived I was exhausted from the day of traveling. I asked for a room and asked if they took credit cards. The clerk said pesos only, I had some pesos that I kept from my trip to San Miguel last year and my roommate Nick had given me $20 worth of pesos. It wasn’t enough though. The clerk had left to carry bags for some ladies. So I stood there and looked up hotels on line. My phone was low on battery and the internet wasn’t working very well. So I decided I was going to figure out a way to stay at this hotel. The clerk came back and I asked if I could pay in US dollars. He said they didn’t take dollars. I said that I didn’t know where else to go. He stood there and thought for a minute. Then he said he would take dollars. He figured out the exchange and I gratefully paid him and gave him a tip. He took us up stairs to our room. It smelled like mildew, was hot and musty, had water on the floor by the bathroom and didn’t have a window. He turned on the a/c and left. I thought about asking for a different room but decided that this room was good enough.

I dropped off the luggage and went in search of food with a much lighter load of Angel in the stroller. Around the corner there was a restaurant. I really wanted a salad. They had a napali salad that I ordered, fresh squeezed OJ and guacamole. The salad was slimmer than I expected but I covered it in salsa and it was good enough. The guacamole and fresh OJ were amazing. I was really happy to be able to order fresh OJ at a restaurant.

After dinner we went back to the hotel. The room was cold and the mildew smell was gone. I went to turn the a/c down and there was only one setting. I decided to do cold over hot and musty. Angel and I took a shower and there was an abundance of hot hot water. Yay!! Then we went to bed and fell asleep right away. I woke up in the night freezing cold. The beds only had 2 top sheets instead of a sheet and a bedspread. I took the top sheet off the other bed and put it on our bed, then I went back to sleep. I woke up later still cold. I turned off the a/c and slept wonderfully the rest of the night. I even slept in late because the room didn’t have a window. I was very grateful for the extra sleep.

We woke up at 8:30am. I packed up and we headed to the bus station. On the way I stopped a guy selling fresh OJ from a bicycle taxi and got a huge cup of oj. I drank it all right there and shared some with Angel. Then I went to a money exchange booth and exchanged plenty of money so I could have lots of pesos if I needed them. We went to the bus station and only had to wait 15 minutes for the next bus to Merida.

The 4 hour bus ride to Merida was long. Angel was a very busy and restless 2 year old. I got in a lot of practice time on enjoying the moment, when I just wanted to be off of that bus. Finally we arrived in Merida. I was hungry! Angel had eaten pumpkin seeds on the ride but I hadn’t had anything besides the morning OJ. I went in search of food before getting an Uber to our Airbnb. I walked and walked…hauling Angel, the stroller, the car seat, the backpack and the suitcase. The sidewalks were broken up and blocked with no curb cuts. I couldn’t find any fruit or decent restaurants that had salads.  All I could find was Mexican fast food. Finally I decided I would go to the Airbnb, charge my phone and then eat.

I got an Uber with the last of my phone battery. We are staying outside of Merida in a small town, so the Uber ride took a while. We arrived and got out. The place didn’t look right. It didn’t match the Airbnb pictures. The driver wanted to leave but I asked him to wait. I called the Airbnb host and she said she was outside and did not see us. I had her talk to the Uber driver and he reluctantly put everything back in the car and took us to the right place. I graciously thanked him for getting us to the correct address. Our Airbnb hosts were great. It is a mother and daughter. The place is awesome with a smal pool. Angel immediately wanted to get in the pool. So I let her swim while I charged my phone. I was going to swim with her but the water was way to cold. So I sat next to the pool and watched her while I enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was perfect out with a warm breeze. Absolutely heavenly!

When my phone was charged, I got Angel ready to go and I let our hosts know we were going to find fruit. They said it was a far walk of about 20 minutes and could drive us there when they go to get her sister in a few minutes. I didn’t think 20 minutes is a very far walk but graciously accepted the ride. At the market I got chocolate sapote, mamey sapote, mangos, bananas, tomatoes and fresh squeezed OJ. Most of it was not quite ripe yet. I drank half the OJ right away and went in search of a restaurant with a good salad. I was so hungry! It was difficult with the stroller on the sidewalks and I was missing having Angel in the backpack like I did last year. I couldn’t find a good restaurant so I picked an Italian one I thought would do. I ordered a salad and plain noodles. The salad was not much and the noodles gave me a slight tummy ache. I knew it would pass quickly. I waved down a motorcycle taxi and went back to the Airbnb. Angel loved the motorcycle taxi. She squealed in delight most of the ride.

We got to our place. I unpacked our clothes and the groceries. Angel played with her cars while I wrote my blog. Now we are going to sleep.

I appreciate motorcycle taxis.

I appreciate amazing weather.

I appreciate long bus rides.

I appreciate practicing acceptance.

I appreciate swimming pools.

I appreciate arriving at our destination safely.

I appreciate fresh squeezed OJ.

I appreciate money.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Gratefully yours,