Daily List, What Angel & I Ate and Appreciations

Daily List, What Angel & I Ate and Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

These might not all be happening right now, some are but I know that it will all happen. I speak it, knowing it will happen at the perfect time. I am happy in the moment with what I have now.

I am healthy.

I receive a $100,00.00 a year of passive income by December 31, 2018.

I happily donate 5 hours or more of my time weekly to others.

I meditate daily.

I live in appreciation.

I am accepting of everyone exactly where they are at.

I spend an hour or less on social media.

I am an author of a children’s book series.

I live a slow paced rich life.

I speak fluent Spanish.

Breakfast: (Angel) 1 young coconut meat, 8oz. fresh oj. (Me) 1 young coconut water, 8oz. fresh oj.

Lunch: (Angel) raw granola, 8oz. banana strawberry smoothie. (Me) 48oz. banana strawberry smoothie.

Dinner: (Angel) sunflower seeds, pecans and a coconut date roll. (Me) big bowl of steamed spinach and veggies with tahini lemon dressing.

I appreciate laughter.

I appreciate contentment.

I appreciate sleeping in.

I appreciate a surprise phone call from a friend.

I appreciate giving back rubs.

I appreciate young coconuts.

I appreciate love.

I appreciate being me.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Deeply yours,


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