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Crazy Fruit Soup

I signed up to provide soup for my church on Sunday. This was a hit. I was told by several people this is the best second Sunday soup they’ve had. Yay!

Coconut water from 3 young coconuts

Blended with the coconut water:

10 small yellow mangos

4 organic tomatos

package of organic strawberries

2 organic cucumbers peeled

You with have to blend it all in segments, then pour it all together in a large bowl.


4 organic apples

4 manderin oranges

Put apple and orange pieces in the bowl with the soup and mix it all together.


  1. I want some of that juice! BTW, I did not know that you could get so much juice out of celery, etc. I wish I had the space and equipment for juicing like that. Thanks

  2. Now THAT fruit soup looks cRaZy good!!
    My mouth started watering when I was reading the ingredients and I am a GRREN newbie to eating raw. 🙂

    Thanks for the great recipes

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