Christmas Eve, What Angel Baby & I Ate & Appreciations

Christmas Eve, What Angel Baby & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

Happy Holidays!

This is yesterday’s. I was too tired to write it last night.

I slept in yesterday and it felt wonderful! I got up at 8:30am. I put on lavender/coconut oil and got dressed. I quickly drank coconut water and scooped out a young coconut, then made an avocado, apple smoothie and got Angel dressed. We walked to church to clean. When I arrived there were people already there and I had forgotten that Christmas service was at 10am. It was pointless to clean anyway since we were going to decorate the tree after service. So I quickly cleaned the bathrooms and went to the service.

After the service, we had a potluck. Angel ate young coconut meat and leftover banana strawberry smoothie from yesterday. I had avocado applesauce…it was so satisfying and yummy. The potluck was great fun. We were joking around and cracking each other up, about sex and dating (I love that such subjects can be joked about at my church!) I laughed so hard my tummy hurt.

After the potluck I thoroughly cleaned the church while everyone else finished decorating the tree. The church looked beautiful and was all ready for Christmas Eve service. We left and walked over to Pam’s. I gave Oliver a bath and did a quick cleaning of Pam’s house so it would be nice for when her family arrives Christmas Day. Then we walked home. A cold front had moved in and it was a cold brisk walk home. I enjoyed the briskness in the air and the random gusts of wind blowing through the trees making them sing a lovely song.

When we arrived home, I relaxed and made phone calls to family and friends. Angel ate durian and colored. Until it was time for Christmas Eve service. Christmas Eve service was a lot of fun. Angel was an angel. 

After service I went home, ate a big salad, took a hot shower and went to bed. Angel nursed to sleep right away and so did I.


I am eating a higher fat raw diet as an experiment. I am keeping it simple without a lot of gourmet recipes and limiting nuts and seeds. I prefer seeds over nuts (lol) that could be a dirty joke.

Breakfast: (Angel) strawberries, 8oz. fresh OJ. (Me) 48oz. lemon water, 1 young coconut water.

Lunch: (Angel) 1 young coconut, 16oz. banana strawberry smoothie. (Me) 3 avocados blended with 2 large apples. 1 small mandarin.

Dinner: (Angel) 2 large pieces of durian and some strawberries. (Me) big bowl of mixed greens with tahini lemon dressing.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate an amazing church family.

I appreciate pastor Pam.

I appreciate my home and tiny home.

I appreciate steamy hot showers.

I appreciate contentment.

I appreciate love.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Delightfully yours,


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