5 good reasons for following a fruitarian diet

Adopting a fruitarian diet is not only an effective way to lose weight, it yields other great dividends too. Here are five great reasons for eating all the fresh fruit and vegetables you want:

  • Nourishment for the body

A fruitarian diet supplies an abundance of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, phytonutrients and antioxidants that a human body requires. So it’s no surprise that many fruit-lovers soon find that they achieve optimal health eating diet of raw fruit and tender greens. It is not uncommon for fruitarians to experience an increase in energy, skin becoming soft and blemish free, and that they remain well when their friends and colleagues are stricken with colds and flu. The superior nutritional benefits of sweet fruit could be your springboard to a more vibrant life.

  • Simplicity

The fruitarian lifestyle is incredibly liberating! You don’t have to worry about reading labels, being hungry, counting calories, or weighing food – just eat as much fresh fruit and tender greens as you like. Grocery shopping becomes breeze; cruise the produce section at the supermarket or local farmers market and look for colorful fruit and vegetables. And because a raw diet requires no cooking, you spend a minimal amount of time in the kitchen. Easy to shop for, easy to prepare, and easy on the digestive system, the fruitarian diet is natural and effortless to maintain.

  • Ethical eating

With the growing world population and mounting signs of global warming it is important to think about how our food choices affect the biodiversity of the Earth. It’s about living in a way that has a positive impact to all living things around us and trying to lessen our negative impact. Thankfully, a fruitarian diet is sustainable and beneficial to all of the animals that live on planet earth, including fellow humans.

  • Awakening your inner athlete

Because a fruitarian diet is so energizing, fruit lovers find themselves coming up with excuses to workout rather than not to! The low fat intake of a fruitarian diet enables the blood to carry more oxygen around the body. This not only aids in muscle function, it allows for quick recovery after exercise. Also, because fruit is made up mostly of water, it hydrates the body, and the glucose and fructose in fruit is your body’s fuel of choice – keeping every cell the body happy! And when your body is happy, movement is fun, playful and spontaneous, rather than a dreaded chore.

  • Investing in your future

How do you picture your retirement? Enjoying time spent with family and friends or languishing in a hospital bed? Eating a fruitarian diet is a great way to take care of yourself, so that you can make the most of your time now, and in your retirement. Put the fun back into food – eat plenty of fresh ripe fruit! And be secure in the knowledge that it will keep you healthy and happy for the rest of your life.