Biking in the rain and soaking up the sun

October 11, 2011

Woke up at 6:45 a.m. Felt groggy and hung over from the rice the night before. Got Savana up to get ready for school. Made her breakfast, oatmeal and applesauce and then made a sack lunch for her field trip, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a granola bar. Sent her off to catch the school bus and realized about 15 minutes later that she had forgotten her sack lunch. When the office at her school opened at 8:30 I called to see when she was leaving on the fieldtrip. They said they were leaving in 5 minutes. Not enough time to bike her lunch to her. I would just have to bring it to the Boise Art Museum where her field trip was at.

I made a coconut water, persimmon and banana smoothie for breakfast. Drank all 50 oz, my stomach was still a little yucky, but getting better. Then I made 60 oz. of coconut water, peach smoothie, bottled it up to take with me.

I looked outside and thought it might rain a little bit. I put on my new rain jacket. It is so fancy…I haven’t owned anything that fancy in years…I usually get everything used and it’s hard to find a nice rain jacket that is used. I didn’t put on rain pants, I figured it wouldn’t rain that much. As soon as I stepped out the door, the rain came pouring down hard. I unlocked the door, came back inside and promptly put on my rain pants. I thought with my new rain jacket I would be happy to ride in the rain. Not so! I still didn’t like it one bit. Nothing like being pelted in the face with rain drops. I was trying to have a good attitude about it…I don’t think it worked. I kept seeing the sky behind me to the west, it was as blue as could be, slowly inching my way. Hurry up! I kept thinking. What is taking so long???!!!

I make it the 5 miles to the Boise Art Museum. Savana’s lunch bag is soaking wet. I go dripping wet inside. The lady at the front desk was not impressed. I handed her the wet lunch bag to give to Savana…she was even less impressed…lol. Holding it out front her with her, trying not to touch it. Too funny. Guess she wouldn’t be up for a bike ride in the rain.

I came out of the museum and had 15 minutes to ride around downtown before I had to meet an old friend to sign some paper work for a car I had given her mom years ago. Her mom passed away a few years back and they were having trouble with getting the title or something like that and the car wasn’t running anymore, just taking up room in her driveway and she wanted it gone.

So in my little bit of time I rode to Flying M, on the way I saw the guy I had written about in my blog yesterday. The one that had beaten up my neighbor lady. He was standing on a corner and he saw me as I was passing by. He yelled out for me to stop and come talk to him. I just ignored him and kept on riding. It was strange seeing him after writing about him the day before. Maybe I manifested him by writing….anyway…I hope I don’t manifest him again.

When I got to Flying M I bought 58 oz. of fresh squeezed oj. While standing in line I noticed that the sun had come out. I took my oj’s outside and stood in the bright warm sun while I drank my juice. I got a phone call from the friend I was supposed to meet and she figured things out and didn’t need me to sign any paper work after all. Yay! I didn’t have to rush off right away. I had some free time before heading to work out in Eagle..a 10 mile bike ride.

I had to go use the bathroom and I didn’t want to bring my backpack with me. There were none of my people around, so I asked a couple of young women sitting down from me if they would watch my bag for me. I also thought this would be a great time to get my daily introduction in, so their names were Shamaska (sp?) and the other one I forgot other than it started with a D.

After I left Flying M I stopped at a couple of second hand stores and looked around. Didn’t see anything I really needed. By then it was time to head to work. The ride out was great. It was so warm I had to take off my rain jacket and sweater and I rode out in my t-shirt. Got lots of sun 🙂 Even had a little bit of a head wind, but it was warm and I didn’t mind it at all. I had to climb two hills to get there, which was fun because I got to use my new climbing gear that I had put on my bike on Friday. It worked perfectly.

The people I clean for in Eagle are wonderful, Russ and Janet…all my clients are wonderful. This couple goes to the Mennonite church and I love their energy. They are the ones that gave me their old wood stove when they bought a new one and Russ helped me put up my tile wall to get ready for the wood stove. Now all I have to do is get the pipes and it’s ready to go…yay…which should be happening on Thursday…some other Mennonites are helping me do that 🙂

While I was cleaning, Janet came in from her garden and gave me some fresh picked celery…which I immediately ate all of and some fresh picked grapes…I immediately ate all of those as well. Yummy free food! It is so wonderful how I take care of my clients and they take care of me back. Happy, happy, happy!

On the way to my next job I had a tail wind. It was easy riding…about 7 miles. I got to Bob and Maggie’s on time. Maggie hadn’t been feeling very good and she looked really sick. I think me being there cheered her up some and she seemed to start feeling better. I made them dinner and cleaned. While I was cleaning my daughter called and said she had a sore throat and was sick. School had just gotten out and the interim Mennonite pastor was picking her up to talk to her because she wants to get baptized. She said she felt well enough to still meet with the pastor so I didn’t have to go get her.

After that my friend Anthony called me. He is traveling on his bicycle from Whitefish, Montana…eating fruit as his fuel 🙂 He left on his trip a couple of days ago. I had been wondering how he was doing. I was really glad he called. He just crossed the Idaho border and would be in Boise in three or four days. He is doing good and having great adventures..he said he can’t wait to tell me about them when he sees me. I can’t wait to hear about them! I feel like jumping up and down with excitement just thinking about it.

Savana was going to stay the night with her grandma Lee but now that she was sick I thought that probably wouldn’t be the best idea. So I called Lee…who is not her legal grandma, but was there when she was born and has always been grandma to Savana…Lee said she would prefer to not have a sick girl. I had plans that evening to hang out with my friend Will, biking around downtown and taking random pictures. I sent Will a text that I had to cancel…which we were both bummed about, but daughters come first.

After work I rode to the fruit stand and bought a case of oranges, a bunch of lemons and grapefruit. Then I rode a mile home. I had Savana come home and I made her a big glass of fresh squeezed oj. For myself I cut up two heads of lettuce and mixed them with raw lemon, tahini dressing. Put in all in a huge bowl and ate it up. It was very very yummy. Later Savana said she was hungry still. I didn’t want her to have any heavy cooked food until she got better. She didn’t want anymore oj, so I gave her some applesauce.  I like how with her being sick she actually listens to me when I tell her what foods she should be eating. Ha! She does think I know what I’m talking about after all 🙂

Savana is off to bed. I am going to take a hot bath and head to bed myself.

Hasta manana!


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