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August 18, 2012


I woke up at 10a.m. I usually don’t sleep that late, but traveling completely wore me out. I slept ok, I’m not used to the humidity. In Idaho it cools off down to the 50’s at night. It only cooled down to the 70’s here.

I wrote my blog and got on-line. My friend Rob from Norway that I met last year at the fruit festival messaged me on facebook and said that him and another fruitarian were meeting at central park at 4p.m. and I could come too. I was super excited to see my friends!!

Around 11, I woke the kids up. They were so tired and I wanted to let them sleep but I also didn’t want to waste a day in NYC.


I ate half a watermelon while waiting for the kids to get ready. The apartment where I am house sitting had a map of the subway system for us to use, which was freaking awesome. So we headed out to the subway and to find breakfast for the kids. We found the subway but still hadn’t come across a place to eat. We kept walking and looking but were in a residential area. Finally we just decided to get on the subway and eat when we got to Times Square.

The kids were excited to ride the subway and we got to Times Square without any problems. When we got out of the subway I knew we were close to Times Square but I wasn’t sure which way.


We walked around for a while, then gave up and found a really nice place to eat that had a great salad bar. It was really fresh and I used lemon juice as a dressing.


After we ate we all felt better and continued our search for Times Square. It didn’t take long until we found it. We check out what was playing on Broadway and decided to wait in the cheap ticket line the next day.


We walked toward central park to meet my friends. On the way we came across a Jamba Juice. I had to get my favorite smoothie of fresh squeezed oj blended with mango. The kids got smoothies too.


We got to the meeting place in central park 15 minutes early. So we sat and watched people. There were some guys with a bucket of soapy water and they had string on bamboo sticks that they were making big bubbles with. Savana wanted to go try it but was being shy, so I went and asked first and got Savana involved. She had a blast and wants to make something similar when she gets back to Boise. I think that would be fun to go downtown in Boise and let people try it as they walk by.


My friends showed up. Rob brought a girl he is dating with him and it was great to meet her. We all talked for a while. Then we walked to Whole Foods, got some fruit and veggies and went back to the park to eat. We sat around eating and talking. I ate a bunch of heirloom tomatoes. They were super juicy and yummy. We talked for a couple of hours about what is happening in our lives and how much we love fruit.


After saying goodbye to my friends Shawn wanted to go back to Times Square and go to the Lego store. So we walked back down there. Savana wanted to go to the M&M store which had no interest to me, but we went in and looked around for a while. Then we found the lego store and checked that out. We were all getting hungry and decided to find a place to eat. I was so hungry by that time I was tempted to just eat some cooked vegan food. Then I thought about the stomach ache I would more than likely get and also what if I threw it back up. I didn’t want to throw up in the middle of NYC. I decided to go with what I knew was the best and search for a good smoothie bar.



We walked for quite a few blocks and I couldn’t find anyplace that had food I was willing to eat. Finally we found a juice bar that had smoothies. I ordered a pineapple, strawberry, mango, fresh squeezed oj smoothie. They only had one size and it wasn’t that big but it seemed to satisfy me just fine.

We were all exhausted by this time and went to find the subway to go home. In the subway I was having trouble figuring out which was uptown and downtown. There was a guy cleaning that overheard me talking to kids about being confused. He very rudely was telling me that I needed to pay attention to the signs. I told him that I didn’t understand what they were saying and that I wasn’t used to being talked to that way. After that he was much more polite J. He pointed us in the way we needed to go. We headed that way and then still got confused again, we were so tired and Shawn was being very cranky. Finally we managed to get on the subway going the right way. I wasn’t sure how it would be walking back to the apartment through Harlem at night but it all went good. We got back to the apartment. I talked to TS on the phone for a while, read a little and we all went to bed.




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  • Thomas

    August 20, 2012 at 4:20 am Reply

    Wow Vic you made me that looked so good now I want to go get some watermelon and greens to eat. I hope you having fun it looks fun there plus you got up at 10 that would be am where your from in Id.

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