Banana Trees!

Woke up at 6 a.m. I realized that I was sick and had a full blow cold. My nose was running like crazy and I was stuffed up. How could I be sick??? I have been eating perfectly? It couldn’t be the fact that I have been pushing myself too much..over doing it and not getting enough sleep…right? I got ready, went and picked up Savana at her grandma’s a block away. Then drove downtown to pick up my boys at 7a.m. At 7:45 the boys’ dad show up with them. He apologized and said he thought we were meeting at 8 a.m.That’s fine.

I take the kids to Tree City Smoothie and get them all smoothies and I have 32 0z. of fresh squeezed oj. We then drove home. I was so tired and feeling horrible. So I set the kids up with a movie and took a nap. I slept for about an hour, but felt a little better. I got up and ate half a watermelon. Then I made the kids some fried potato’s and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

They wanted to watch another movie. So while they did that I did laundry and cleaned my house. It needed to be cleaned to badly. It had been over a month since I cleaned last because I just didn’t have time with my crazy schedule. The floors were disgusting. It felt so good to have it clean. Happy!!

After the kids got done with their movie we walked a block away to get two banana trees from a friend of mine. He had them given to him, but didn’t want them and they had been sitting outside in the cold. The poor trees looked pretty sad. I was so happy to rescue them and put them in my house! I now have 3 banana trees! More happy!

Once the trees were settled inside. I drove the kids up to the mall. Savana had a free coupon for shoes from school that was at Payless shoes. I haven’t been to the mall in years and didn’t really want to go…also didn’t want to pass up free shoes. So I survived the mall traffic and parking on a Saturday. One thing about riding my bike, I never have traffic or parking issues. We made it inside and Savana got a nice pair of warm winter boots. Yay!

After the mall I told Shawn my oldest son, who turned 18 on the 7th, that we could do what he wanted. He wanted to go to dinner at a nice chinese restaurant. I took him downtown to PF Chang’s. We sat outside and I had a spot in the sun…perfect! I ordered plain steamed veggies. I wasn’t sure if that was the best thing to eat with my cold and all, but I did it anyway. The kids all had fun at dinner, we played around with the chopsticks…making music and trying to pick things up. I introduced myself to the waitress, her name was Mariska…I like that name.  My steamed veggies were fine and I didn’t have a negative reaction at all. I actually felt incredibly better by that time. I was back to my high energy bouncy self.

We finished dinner and then went to the Bronco store for the Boise State University football team…which most of the people in the city are crazy about. Shawn bought a strap there that had the Boise State logo on it with his birthday money. Scott and Savana pleaded for things…but I’m not the kind of mom that just spontaneously buys things for my kids and they know it. So they got nothing…hahaha!

It was time to take Scott back to his dad. I was able to keep Shawn longer, because he is now 18 and he wanted to come see my play. So I dropped of Scott and we said our goodbye’s until we get to see each other again next month. Then I took Shawn and Savana back to Tree City Smoothie. I got another 32 oz. of fresh squeezed oj and the kids got another smoothie. We then drove to the Orient Market and I bought 2 durian and a bunch of young coconuts.

We went to my play. I had to be there an hour before show time, so Shawn and Savana decided to walk around and window shop until it was time for the play to start. The play went great. I had a really great time performing. It was so fun seeing Shawn out in the audience. I was trying to think of him as an adult now. It was hard for me. He still looks like my boy to me. I figure that’s just how it goes.

After the play I dropped Shawn off. Savana and I got home around 11:30 and went to bed right away. I had to get up early to go to work.

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