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Feb. 20th 2012

Woke up at 5a.m. I don’t know why I was awake so early. I should be exhausted from traveling and lack of sleep. I was wide-awake though, so I decided to rearrange my house. I’d been thinking about a better system while I was in Costa Rica and now was my chance to see how it worked.

My house is really small so I have very little furniture and I keep things very simple. My living room has a futon which is also my bed, a storage chest which is also a coffee table, a bookshelf, banana plants and a couple of little shelves. My kitchen has a wood stove, a sewing machine cabinet that is also a counter top and shelves. So there wasn’t much to rearrange but I wanted to open things up a little bit.

It took me about an hour to get things arranged how I wanted them. I was happy with the results.

I still had a while before Savana would wake up. She didn’t have school today so she would sleep in until I woke her up so I could go to work. I was in between internet services so I decided to walk down the road to the coffee shop and check my e-mail. I had already told Savana the night before if she woke up and I wasn’t here that I would be at the coffee shop. She’s old enough now she just gets dressed and comes down there. I knew there was very little chance of her waking up this early anyway.

I walked to the coffee shop and ordered some hot water with lemon on the side. That is my standard coffee shop order. I wait for the water to cool and then I add the lemon. At the coffee shop there were a couple of guys talking very loudly. Their discussion was about sinners and how bad gay people and liberals are. Welcome back to Idaho! There was nowhere to move that where I couldn’t hear them so I plugged in my earphones and listened to music instead. Ahhh…much more pleasant. J I stayed at the coffee shop for about an hour writing all my e-mails.

I walked back home and woke up Savana. For breakfast she had oatmeal and a tangelo.

BREAKFAST: fresh squeezed OJ blended with kiwis

I also made a banana strawberry smoothie and bottled it up to take with me for lunch. I realize that bananas and strawberries are not the best food combinations, but I still have it once in a while because it is so yummy.

I sent Savana to her grandma’s, who lives just a couple of blocks away and I headed off to work on my bike. It was a cold and rainy day so I was dressed warm and had my rain gear on. As soon as I headed out I quickly realized that I had a slight head wind. It was slow going; my legs hadn’t ridden a bicycle in 7 weeks. I could also feel the lack of sleep catching up to me.

I got to work without incident. I worked for 2 hours cleaning. I had one more job that I had to be at, but I knew I couldn’t make it. I called her up and asked if I could reschedule her for the next day. She said no problem and to let her know if I needed more time to recover from traveling. I was very relieved.

I went to the cell phone store down the road to get another phone. The screen on my phone was cracked and I couldn’t see to do anything. I usually get my phones used, but the store I buy used one at doesn’t sell them anymore. I thought about getting one on Craig’s list but I wanted a phone right away so I could answer my texts. I ended up getting a new fancy touch screen phone. This is going to be fun to figure out; every time I touch it, it does something I don’t want it to. I’m sure I will get used to using it.

I rode to the bank to deposit some money, but it was a holiday. Oh yea…I forgot the banks were closed. I went to get money out of the ATM and couldn’t for the life of me remember my pin number. I’d gotten a new card with a new pin right before I left for Costa Rica. Since I hadn’t used the card for 7 weeks I couldn’t remember what the new pin was. Oh well, I’d just use the card as credit until the banks opened tomorrow. I rode to the second hand store down the road and found some rain boots that fit me. Ya! I could have dry feet now. I went to pay for them and they didn’t take debit cards. I was all out of cash, so I asked if they could hold the boots for me until the next day when the banks opened. The lady was very nice, her name was Paula, we talked for a little bit and she was happy to hold the boots for me. Out side the store I drank my smoothie that I had with me for lunch.

LUNCH: banana strawberry smoothie 320z.

I was so exhausted by then that I didn’t think I could make it home on my bike. I caught the next bus and loaded my bike on the rack. When I got home I called and had Savana come home. When she got there she didn’t want to do anything except read her book. I decided that was a perfect opportunity to take a nap. I lied down for a while, but my mind wouldn’t slow down. I figured I would just stay lying down and eventually I would fall asleep.

After about an hour of lying there and not falling asleep I gave up that idea. I thought I would make some kale chips and dehydrated zucchini strips for the fun of it. I dipped the kale and zucchini slices in fresh squeezed OJ mixed with oregano and put them in the dehydrator. Then I made Savana her dinner of potatoes. Savana refuses to eat very much fruit and vegetables. So after trying to force the issue and being constantly at battle with her we came to a compromise of me agreeing to make her cooked vegan food and she has to have fruit with breakfast. I feel it’s not ideal, but forcing her was not ideal either.

Later that evening my old roommate stopped by. I ate my kale chips while my new roommate, my old roommate and myself all sat around and talked for a couple of hours.

DINNER: kale chips

My stomach was really upset and didn’t seem to like the kale. I knew I needed to get more calories in for the day, but my stomach was saying other wise. Shortly after my stomach starting cramping up I had a short bought of diarrhea. Ok, I was done with kale chips.

My stomach finally settled down and I went to bed around 10:30p.m.


Feb. 21, 2012

I woke up early again, at 4a.m. I got a fire going in the wood stove. I worked on my blog notes and answered my e-mails.

At 6:30a.m. I got Savana up for school. She wanted potatoes for breakfast. I hadn’t realized that the fire had gone out. I got it going again but the stove wasn’t getting warm enough to cook on fast enough. (I only cook on the wood stove). I told her that I couldn’t get the potatoes done in time. She was happy to have a couple of granola bars instead.

BREAKFAST: tangelo juice blended with kiwis

For myself I juiced a bunch of tangelos and blended the juice with about 10 kiwis. It was super yummy.

Savana went off to school and I headed the physical therapy for my shoulder that I hurt in May. It was really cold and rainy out again. I would be happy to make it back to the 2nd hand store to get those rain boots today.

Physical therapy went really well. She said my shoulder was doing fantastic and didn’t think I needed to come to therapy anymore. Woo hoo! On my way out the owner of the therapy office stopped me to ask if I wanted to start cleaning for them on a regular basis. Yes! I was happy to have more work.

I took the city bus downtown and went to the bank. I was feeling really tired again and didn’t think I would be able to go to work yet. I called the lady that I had moved from yesterday to today back and told her I was still feeling exhausted. She said to just take my time and I could come in next week. I was very relieved and thankful she was so understanding. I figured she would be since I’ve cleaned for her for about 7 years.

After that I rode to the co-op and bought a case of bananas, strapped the case on my bike on top of my back bike baskets. Stopped at the 2nd hand store and bought the rain boots. Then I rode straight home. I was so very tired.

At home I made a 10-banana smoothie. Drank it up and was just getting ready to take a nap when I got a message on my phone that a friend was stopping by. Ok, I could be social for a little while. My friend only stayed for about a half hour. We had a fun talk and he had a friend with him that I got to meet as well, though his friend was really quiet and didn’t say much.

When they left I turned off my phone and lied down. I instantly fell asleep for an hour or so until Savana came home from school.

I got up and cooked Savana the potatoes I had cut up that morning for her dinner. For myself I had avocado, celery and limejuice. The celery wasn’t very good and didn’t taste as yummy as what I had been eating in Costa Rica.

DINNER: small avocado, celery and limejuice

Right after dinner I started to get stomach cramps. They weren’t terribly bad, just noticeable.

Savana and I rode our bikes to the bus stop and took the bus downtown to the YMCA. Savana was really excited that I had signed us up and wanted to go swimming. When we got there they had the pools filled up with swimming classes. We were told that the pools wouldn’t open up until 7:45p.m. We had to go to choir and we could come back after, but that was too late to swim and then bike all the way home on a school night.

Savana and I sat in the hot tub for a little while, but the chlorine was too strong smelling for me. I felt like I couldn’t even breathe so I got out and decided to go shower off as quickly as possible.

In the dressing room my stomach started cramping up again and I had a bought of diarrhea. I felt much better once that was out of me. I showered and got dressed along with Savana. Then we biked to choir practice.

Choir practice was so much fun! I was so glad to be a part of it again this year. I missed most of the practices while I was in Costa Rica but was told I could still join in. There are only 3 practices left until the concert, but I catch on pretty quickly and Savana loves to sing. The choir is called the Boise Intergenerational Choir. It is not affiliated with any religion; anyone at any age is welcome to come. Every year I enjoy it so much; the people there are full of great energy. I was happy to be back in Boise among great people that I’ve known for many years.

The bike ride home from choir is always an exciting one. Both Savana and I are jazzed up and Savana loves riding at night. She howls at the moon the whole ride and I join in with the howling now and then. It was a really cold night and I was wishing I would have warn warmer gloves, but I made it home without getting to the point of numbing cold.

At home Savana got ready for bed. I talked to my friend E on the phone for a while and went to sleep at 10:30p.m.

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  • Christie!

    March 13, 2012 at 8:18 pm Reply

    HEY VICTORIA! I miss you girl! It is nice to read your blog posts and see pictures… awwww to be back in CR! It is all very well here in WA… just got back from a run in the snow! Your place is really cute! It gives me inspiration for my tiny pad. Tis weird being in civilization but I guess we must forge on and spread the message… love your banana wagon! Oh hey, I stayed at a hostel ran by a fella friend of yours! Small world, Brandon something or other, down in Cambria, CA. Well, I am using your blog inappropriately and should just message you directly…… Oh well. Lots of love and hugs!

    • Vibrant Victoria

      March 14, 2012 at 1:43 pm Reply

      Hi Christie,
      I am so glad to hear from you. Brandon sent me a message telling me he met you. What a small world. Brandon is a fun guy, very creative:)
      Are you going to come visit this summer? That would be fantastic if you were able to! I miss all my fruity friends. It is very lonely eating around here. I have been struggling to stay on the path. I thought it would be easier, but it’s not 🙁
      Let’s definitely stay in touch!

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