Arriving in Costa Rica

The view from my room is amazing. I’ve seen pictures of this kind of beauty but have never seen anything this amazing in real life before.

The past 2 months, November and December of 2011 were very dark and depressing. I told myself as the weather started to get colder that I wasn’t going to let winter get me down this year. I wasn’t going to let the cold bother me and I was going to be happy and accepting of the winter as it came on. After all I knew I was going to be in Costa Rica all of January and most of February, that alone should make me happy.

Regardless, the winter blues hit me hard. I stopped blogging and I felt so miserably cold clear to my bone marrow. I tried eating more “warming” foods other than fruits and veggies, which just made me physically feel even more awful and increased my depression and mental chaos. I didn’t want to ride my bike in the freezing cold anymore and started using my roommates car more and more, which resulted in getting less exercise and fresh air…causing me to spiral down faster and faster. Fifteen lbs heavier, everyday I was struggling to pull myself back up and each day I just felt worse. I just had to survive until December 29th when I left for Costa Rica. This is why I have to go south every winter. Otherwise I would still be in Boise right now, fighting to get myself out of bed for another 2 months.

Getting to Costa Rica was a challenge this year. A missed flight and 15 hours spent at the L.A. airport. Not fun, but I made it here. Yesterday was my first day here. I was very tired from lack of sleep but so very happy. I woke up in the morning to the sound of the tropical birds. First thing I did was sick my head out the window and breath in the warm tropical air. I was so excited to see my fruitarian friends that I already knew and meet more wonderful fruit lovers. Everyone always looks so healthy and vibrant.

The bus ride to the resort was a treat. I loved seeing everything in Spanish. I want to learn to speak Spanish fluently…very very much. I made an effort on the drive to talk to everyone I didn’t know and to find out more about them. People’s stories just fascinate me. Talking to people that are healthy or striving to gain more health is such a treat. I rarely get to have those conversations with people back home. Just being around “like minded” people is so bonding and beautiful.

When we arrived at the resort I was astonished. This place is like a luxury hotel, with the most amazingly beautiful scenery. I’m not used to such fine accommodations….wow….and more wow. I could get used to this 🙂 It is a little more isolated that I would like. I really wanted to mingle with the locals and work on my Spanish. I plan on going to town on the once a week trips and working on my Spanish at that time. Otherwise I will enjoy this resort to the fullest while it lasts.

My job here is to be the head intern. I am in charge of the other interns. Setting up rotation of the duties and attending classes. Doug plans on this being a very educational experience, which I am very happy about. The more knowledge I can get about health and fitness the better. At dinner last night we had a great discussion about how to measure health and fitness. I love this stuff! We came to no clear conclusions but were given our homework and I am excited to see where the discussion leads at dinner tonight. Such fun, stimulating conversation!

For breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday we had fresh papaya and banana’s. I was so happy to eat fresh papaya again. I haven’t had any papaya since going to Hawaii last year. Once I tasted it fresh I couldn’t stand the shipped in papaya that Boise has to offer. There will be more variety in our meals from here on out since yesterday was a travel, transition day..the meals were simple. I don’t ever care about variety. I just want to eat papaya for the next 8 weeks. Fresh papaya is so yummy!!!!

Last night, the first night spend at the resort, I slept better than I had in weeks. Sleeping with the windows open and being sung to sleep by the sound of the river was so peaceful and relaxing. Plus I have a wonderful roommate. We are a really good fit 🙂

I am off to have breakfast.

Buenos dias!