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Apple, cucumber, celery juice

Recipe from my friend John in Detroit 🙂

This makes a half gallon worth…not just one jar

2 heads of celery juiced

2 large cucumbers juiced

5 apples juiced

mix them together and drink up


  1. These are all very creative smoothies and they make me want to become more acquainted with the produce department at my local store. They would sure help me to get my daily fruits in with which I struggle. I have a question about incorporating celery though. After blending, do you still wind up with all those celery strands that get stuck between your teeth? Usually, I peel those strands off, but I’m wondering if this is necessary when blending.

  2. Vibrant Victoria

    March 19, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    I don’t notice the celery strings when I blend, but I don’t really notice them when I eat celery either.

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