ant traps, bad energy and kids

Since going vegan, I have converted my house into a place that is full of good positive energy. I have no toxic chemicals in my house, no pills and try not to consciously kill any living creatures. If a fly gets in, I take out the window screen and let it out. For me, that is much easier than chasing it down with a fly swatter, smashing it’s body and then having to clean up the murder scene of it’s mutilated body. Spiders are picked up and carried outside, same with any other little critters I find wandering around….you get the idea.
Living mostly on fruit and in a house that is not sealed tightly, sugar ants like to visit on a regular basis. If I miss one little speck of juice from fruit on the counter, 5 minutes later it is covered in ants. This has been an ongoing problem and with spring here the ants are in mass quantities. I also noticed outside the ants are climbing all over my fruit trees and my garden. I haven’t been doing much about this ant problem for the past few years other than making sure to clean up after myself very thoroughly to give them less reasons to visit my kitchen counters. I didn’t want to get ant traps because I felt like they would bring bad energy into my house and yard. There seems to be a balance and order to the insect life around my house and I didn’t want to interfere.
I broke down about a week ago and bought some ant traps. I put them inside and outside. I had a gut feeling that I was doing the wrong thing, I even asked Lindsay at the North End Organic Nursery when I was buying the traps if this was going to bring bad karma my way. She assured me that no such thing would happen. So I purchased my ant traps and set them up as soon as I got home. Well…I know better than to ignore my gut feelings.
The ants went crazy over the traps and I watched them eagerly drink their poison and take it back to their families. The next morning there were dead ants everywhere and I cleaned them all up, thinking that the ant problem was over.  When I came home from work that night I quickly realized that I had not fixed the ant problem but had made it worse. Instead of sugar ants showing up when there was a nice fruit dripping for them to munch on and forming a nice straight line to take their finding back to their colony, the ants were everywhere… all over the floor, all over the couch, all over the bathroom. None of them were going near the ant traps anymore. They were all just wandering around aimlessly and were literally on everything. This new ant problem has been going on for the past week. The traps are still out and the ant problem is worse than ever.
I live in a bad neighborhood. It is a trailer court in the poorest part of the city. I bought my trailer 5 years ago when I was still sick and overweight. I was broke and wanted to lower my cost of living in order to save up some money. I have fixed up my little trailer and it is very nice inside and out. My house has also been a safe happy place for the neighbor kids to come. They live very hard lives and love coming to my house to get banana’s, play on the trampoline and help out in the garden. It is a place filled with good energy and kids are naturally drawn to it. They also ask me lots of questions about my life style, how I eat and they see how happy I am. I could easily afford to move, but I love my low cost of living and mostly, I stay here for the kids.
Yesterday the neighbor kids discovered the ant traps that I have outside. I was sitting on my steps checking my e-mail and listening to the kids play. They had found some ants and wanted to move one of the ant traps over by them. I said that would be fine. Instead of taking the trap and setting it near the newly discovered ants, one of the kids broke the trap open and was pouring it on top of the ants yelling “die ants die!”. The other kids grabbed another trap and joined in on the death chant. This was too much for me, I quickly put a stop to the whole thing and threw all the traps away.
These ant traps that I had brought into my home had not only made my ant problem worse, now the kids had gone berserk and were happily joining in on mass murder. My happy peaceful house was turning into a place of chaos and death…all because of few “innocent” ant traps.
Now…with the ant traps gone I am looking forward to things getting back to normal. The day that I leave a fruit dripping and see a well organized line of ants bringing their treasure back home will be one filled with celebration and joy. The natural order of things will once again be established 🙂

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    Great post, Victoria! Vashti

  • Victoria Everett

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    thanks Vashti!

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