Amazing Things, What Angel Baby & I Ate & Appreciations

Amazing Things, What Angel Baby & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

I haven’t posted for a few days. My phone died and it took a couple days to get a new one. It was nice break but I’m excited to be journaling again. Over the past few days some fun things have happened. I lead the music club meeting on Monday night and totally nailed it. I put on a great program. I had an outline but mostly just played it by ear and went with the flow. It was a blast! The next day I was gifted a reliable car. What an absolutely amazing thing!! Unbelievable! I am still in shock and bursting with gratitude. I will be paying for the car but it was bought outright and given to me to pay back as I am able. So so wonderful!! The trust given to me is more incredible then the actual car. Of course that trust will be honored.

I woke up at 3am. to drive my daughter Savana and her boyfriend Tyler to the airport in Austin. I’m used to being up a couple of hours in the night so it was no big deal. It was fun driving my new zippy car on the hour drive there and back. I listened to Eckardt Tolle on YouTube on the drive back. He is so funny sometimes. The drive flew by. When I arrived back at home I went back to sleep and slept in until 9am. Angel woke up before me but she played around me and let me sleep.

It was a lovely 72 degree F day. I made a smoothie and headed off for a walk with Angel in the wagon. We stopped in all our usual businesses and wished everyone a merry Christmas. Angel thought it was great fun to say merry Christmas instead of “have a good day” like we normally say. After going in all the businesses that were open we walked to the church. Angel played in the nursery while I got caught up on filling out the church finances for 2017 in quicken. I am the new treasurer and the previous treasure lost all the data when her computer crashed. So I started from scratch and got it all done. Angel did really well and played happily the whole time.

When I finished and we went out to the wagon, I noticed my smoothie bag was gone. Someone must have taken it, with my smoothie in it while I was in the church. It baffled me but I hope whoever took it drank what was left of the delicious smoothie. There wasn’t much left. Luckily I wasn’t hungry and Angel still had some of her smoothie left in her cup.

We walked to the park and played for an hour. Angel swang a lot and I helped her on the monkey bars and climbing wall. I practiced hand stands and did the monkey bars in between helping Angel and pushing her on the swing. The weather was so heavenly that I would have stayed longer if I hadn’t gotten hungry.

We walked home and Angel ate an avocado. I made a tomato avocado soup that really hit the spot. I talked on the phone with some friends after eating and Angel watched “Super Why”. Then we went to the general store to get potting soil. Angel loves the general store because of all the fun things they have to look at. She loves the cowboy hats especially and always wants to try them on. She is a Texan! Lol. I let her explore for a while until it was time for the store to close.

We decided to drive around and look at the Christmas lights. Angel loved the lights and would get super excited at the really good ones. She also got excited every time she saw the moon. She thinks the moon is great fun. After a while she fell asleep and I drove around a while longer with my window down, enjoying the fresh air and the lights.

When we arrived at home. I unloaded the car and we went straight to bed.

Breakfast: (me)16oz. lemon water. 3 pears. (Angel) 1banana, 5 strawberries, 8oz. fresh OJ.

Lunch: (me)36oz. papaya, mango, strawberry smoothie. (Angel) 8oz. smoothie, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Dinner: (me) 3 avocado, 3 tomato raw soup blended together. (Angel) 1 avocado

Snack: (me) 2 coconut date rolls

I appreciate smoothies.

I appreciate Christmas lights.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate trust.

I appreciate accomplishments.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate lovely weather.

I appreciate Savana and Tyler arriving in Idaho safely.

I appreciate Charlie helping out with the laundry.

I appreciate incredible generosity.

I appreciate little fuel efficient cars.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,


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