Dear Friends,

So far in my life up until a month or so ago, I’ve not been interested in running. Then in January I believe, I went on a couple short runs and really enjoyed it. Then I spent 5 weeks detoxing, resting and healing with mono. That was really nice actually. 5 weeks of rest! Blissful!

I’ve healed mostly from the mono and am slowly getting my strength back. Then last night, I started walking home from church when I became overcome with the desire to run. I started running at a slow pace pushing Angel in the jogging stroller. I kept running the whole way home. It was only almost a mile run but that is more distance than I’ve run without stopping since I was in my 20’s. I didn’t feel tired or winded. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Very interesting!

Today I am barely sore from the run, I only did a walk today to take it easy. I’m looking forward to trying another run tomorrow morning.

I appreciate fireflies.

I appreciate legs.

I appreciate the baby birds nesting in the shed.

I appreciate Angel Baby and Savana Storm.

I appreciate my belly.

I appreciate poop.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Gratefully yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16oz. lemon water; 16oz. celery, cucumber, apple juice.

2nd breakfast: 1 bag of black grapes.

Lunch: 64oz. 7 Banana, strawberry, coconut water smoothie.

Dinner: 64oz. 9 mango and fresh oj smoothie.