Adventures on the way to Health and Fitness week

September 6, 2012

Today is the day I am leaving for Health and Fitness week! Woo hoo! My wonderful friend Steve let me borrow his car for the trip and I am ever so grateful.

I got up at around 6a.m. Got the last of my things ready and loaded up the car. I juiced 15 oranges and put that in a jar. Then I blended about 15 bananas and 10 peaches up and put that all into jars. My mom called and wished me a safe journey, which was really nice.

I have been running every day ever since my sister gave me her extra pair of vibrams. I went out for my morning run and at the corner I saw Savana walking to the bus stop. She had stayed with her surrogate grandma Lee that night as she does every Wed. night. I was thinking I wouldn’t get to see her again before I left but the timing had been just right and I got to see her after all. Yay! She is growing up to be such a beautiful woman! It just amazes me. I was allowed to give her a sideways hug and said goodbye. Then I continued on my run. I am only running a mile, since I am just starting out. I have found though that running makes me much warmer than biking and feel that running this winter will help me deal with the cold.

Back at the house, I hung up my bedding on the clothes line. Packed my jars of food and everything else. I said goodbye to Shawn and his girlfriend who were sleeping but I briefly woke them up.


I headed off to work. Which was strange in a car. My first job went well. I cleaned for 2 hours and drank half of my OJ. On my way to my next job I stopped and picked up more t-shirts and stickers that I had ordered. I also filled up my 3 gallon water jug with distilled water to take on the trip.


At my 2nd job, I cleaned for 2 hours and drank the rest of my OJ.

After I finished I went to my back. Briefly stopped back home to grab a couple of extra things. Then I was off to on my adventure.

Traffic getting out of Boise was good. I was really excited about the road trip. It had been a while since I’ve gone on a long drive by myself. I had some books on tape that I had rented from the library, as well as some great music CD’s to listen to.

I was happily listening to the BeeGee’s and almost to the Oregon state line when I saw a young guy walking along the side of the interstate carrying a puppy. I pulled over and offered him a ride. He was so glad that I had stopped. He had been walking for about 8 hours carrying the puppy most of the time. His name is Tony and he was on his way to Bend, Oregon. I told him I was going to The Dalles and he could ride the whole way with me.

We talked some and listened to music. The little puppy named Nature fell asleep right away and slept for a long time, he was so exhausted. Tony told me his story about traveling around the United States just seeing where he would end up next.


I drank half of my banana smoothies while I drove. In Pendleton we stopped at a grocery store and I bought a bunch of almost ripe bananas for tomorrow. They didn’t have any ripe ones. I also bought Tony some food. I told him to pick out what he wanted and he got a big subway sandwich.

One the rest of the drive I drank the other half of my banana smoothies. Tony slept off and on and I started listening to one of my books on tape. We stopped by the Colombia river for a bathroom break and to walk around and stretch. In the bathroom I discovered that I had started my period and I was really happy to have that happen. I love my cleansing time.

Down by the river I discovered a blackberry bush and had to take some time to eat a whole lot before we took off again. I also spent some time after my feast playing with Nature and chasing him around. It felt so good to move my body.

We were about 15 miles from The Dalles when I looked down and realized that my gas gauge was on empty. Dang it! I forgot all about these car things needing gas. I kept my eye out for an exit with a gas station. I was a little worried but felt it would all be ok. We made it to The Dalles and I pulled up to the nearest gas station.

I told Tony that this was the time for him and Nature to head off. I gave him one of my Eat Fruit t-shirts, a sticker and twenty dollars. We hugged goodbye and he was off with Nature.


I found my Aunt’s house without a problem. She offered me some figs as soon as I walked in the door. Yay! The figs were so yummy. They were perfect after a long drive.

I talked with my Aunt and Uncle for a little while and then went to bed. My room was adorable. The bed was warm and comfortable, I fell fast asleep around 10p.m.

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