Adventures in the Rocky Mountains

October 17th,

Woke up at 7:12 a.m. I had slept through my alarm and Savana had to be up and ready to leave the house by 7:30a.m. to catch the school bus.

I jumped up and got Savana up. Made her some toast for breakfast and she also had a v8. She made it out the door in time. Yay! After she left I went back and lied down for a while but was wide awake and couldn’t got back to sleep. I made a decision about what to do about Joe and the whole girlfriend drama that had gone on in the middle of the night. I knew right away after he had gotten here that we could not have a serious relationship. He’s not healthy enough for me and if I get serious with someone I want them to be at least vegan…and really I don’t think I will settle for anyone who is not a fruitarian. I love the connection I have with other fruitarians and I would love to have that connection in a relationship where we can learn and grow together. So I wasn’t really sad or upset by Joe not being totally honest with me. I figured since he was here we could still enjoy ourselves until it was time for him to go back home on Tuesday the 25th. Somehow he had brought his drama into my life but regardless it was his drama and didn’t belong to me and I wasn’t about to take ownership of it.

Eventually Anthony and Joe woke up. I made everyone fresh squeezed oj.  For myself I had 60 oz. of fresh squeezed oj blended with a mango and drank it. That is my favorite of favorites. Then blended 6 banana’s and bottled it up.

We had decided to go up in the Rocky Moutains and visit a natural hot springs. There are several I know of and they are just pools in the side of mountains that fill with hot water from the ground. No one owns them, just simply a gift from nature. The one I wanted to take my friends to has a waterfall that comes out of the mountain.

We loaded up the car with some fruit we still had at the house. A durian, some grapes and some plums. Off we went on our adventure. We stopped at the fruit stand on the way and bought a case of oranges, 4 watermelons, 2 honey dew and Anthony grabbed 10 tangerines and 5 grapefruits off the bargain bin. Then we went to the co-op and bought a bunch of dates. At the co-op I introduced myself to a new cashier, her name is Kayla.

It was a fantastic 2 hour drive up the mountain. I haven’t done any mountain driving for years and it was fun driving those curvy roads. We all had great conversation, listened to Led Zepplin, majestic views and I munched down a bunch of dates.

Once at the hot springs we had to walk a mile in along the Payette river. We grabbed the durian and two watermelon. Anthony and I decided the hike would be even more enjoyable without shoes. So we did some great barefoot walking. I loved it, such an intense connection to the earth. Once we got to the hot springs we were the only ones around. We all stripped off our clothes and got in. The water was perfect. I opened up the durian and ate half of it. I wanted to take pictures but I had left my camera back in the car. I decided to walk back and get it. The walk back to so wonderful, it was just me and the mountain. Once I got to the car I realized that I had brought the camera to the hot springs after all. It was so strange to me how I had forgotten that I had put it in the bag with the food. I was glad I had forgotten that though, because I really needed to go on this walk, recenter and connect myself with nature.

When I got back we soaked in the water, talked and took some pictures. I ate 1/2 a watermelon at some point. We stayed at the hot springs for 3 blissful hours.

The drive back went just as good as the drive up. It was dark and we were all happy and relaxed. When we made it back to Boise I picked up a lady that was going to use my roommates car for the week. Drove us all to my house, unloaded the car and she took off in it.

We got all cozy on the couch, watched half of “Moulin Rouge”, I ate some more dates and went to bed.

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