A Day Of Waiting, Appreciations & What I Ate

A Day Of Waiting, Appreciations & What I Ate

Dear Diary & Friends,

Today was a day of waiting. After dropping Savana off at school, I took her cat Marcy to get spayed. There is a mobile veterarian unit that comes to our town every couple of months. The line was long. I stood in line with Angel and Marcy the cat for around an hour. There were people I knew that I talked to and it was fun getting to know them even better. When I finally got Marcy checked in I went back home and did yoga for an hour.

I drove back to Savana’s school and picked her up for a dentist appointment. They said it would be a while at the dentists so Angel and I went for our daily walk. We walked to the pawn shop and looked around. Then we went to Tractor Supply and looked around there. Angel and fun playing with the little toy tractors and animals. Next we went across the parking lot to a new gift shop. I hadn’t been into the gift shop yet. It was really cute and I got to talking with the owner. We had a great conversation and she might hire me to pet sit for her sometimes. Yay! It had been a couple of hours so we walked back to the dentist. Savana was still in back getting (non mercury) fillings put in. I sat and watched Angel play with another little boy in the play room for an hour. Finally Savana was done. We ate lunch and I took her back to school.

I had an hour before it was time to pick up Marcy so Angel and I went to the park. Angel had fun playing and swinging. It was a beautiful 77 degree day with a bright sun. I enjoyed watching Angel and basking in the sun until it was time to get Marcy. At the mobile vet unit, I signed the pick up list. They kept calling people up to retrieve their pet, people that arrived after me were getting called up. I waited and waited and talked to people and waited. It was time to pick up Savana from school and they still hadn’t called me up. Finally I went to check the list. The names before mine were crossed off and so were the names after mine. When I got a chance I asked one of the assistants if their was a reason they had skipped me. She said she hadn’t noticed that and I would be next but I think they forgot about me for a while again. At last they called my name and I retrieved Marcy. Then I drove to pick up Savana from school. She was waiting on the steps, I had texted her before telling her I would be late because of Marcy.

Finally I was back home! I took laundry off the line. Then sat down with a big salad and ate while I made phone calls to friends and family. It was an interesting day off. I was pleased to have gotten our walk in and we even got bonus park time. I enjoyed having lots of fun conversations with different people and make new connections. Woohoo!

Breakfast: 64oz. banana strawberry smoothie.

Lunch: steamed veggies and broth.

Dinner: iceberg lettuce and mixed greens with diced tomatoes, pine nuts and a lemon tahini dressing.

I appreciate strawberries.

I appreciate waiting.

I appreciate a slow paced life.

I appreciate meeting new people.

I appreciate laughter.

I appreciate line dried clothes that smell like sunshine.

I appreciate sunshine.

I appreciate grass.

I appreciate the color tan.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Patiently yours,


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