Eating raw fresh fruit and vegetables is easy, often with less prep than it takes to prepare cooked meals. Helpful tools in the lifestyle are:

-high speed blender (I recommend vitamix)

-food processor

-citrus juicer and vegetable juicer.


-mandolin slicer

I put together a 7 day meal plan. This gives an idea of how eating this way works and can be adjusted to fit your own style. Try to keep your meals simple with no more than 3 ingredients that digest well together. You will have better digestion, bowel movements and optimal nutritional uptake.

BREAKFAST: If you workout in the morning than I suggest eating light or not eating before your workout. Often I have some fresh juice before I do my morning yoga. Then I have a bigger breakfast afterwards. Make sure you get at least 800 calories for breakfast. A great program to track your calories with is

Melons are a great hydrating breakfast if it is melon season. Have at least half of a medium sized watermelon melon or 3 medium sized cantaloupes or similar melons. It can be simply be eaten or juiced. This might take a while to eat. Fruit has less calories than cooked foods because they are full of vitamin water, so you will need to eat more to get enough calories in. I like to eat slowly in gratitude and it takes me a couple of hours to eat breakfast. If I am on the go, I take it with me in containers and snack, snack, snack throughout the morning.

If it is not melon season then it will probably be oranges or apple season. Have 64oz. of fresh squeezed oj (if you can buy it or juice it yourself. If you juice your own be sure to use juicing oranges and not navel oranges) or simply eat about 6 to 8 oranges. My favorite winter breakfast is applesauce made with 6 to 8 apples blended and topped with dried mulberries. Lately I’ve been walking in the mornings. I just bring 6 to 8 apples along and eat them while I walk. I save the cores and give them to the neighbors horse.

LUNCH: Lunch should be your highest calorie meal of the day. Try to reach 1000. For the 11 years I’ve been living this fruity lifestyle I’ve had a 64oz. banana, strawberry smoothie almost everyday for lunch. I never get tired of them. They are my favorite. You can make things simple by just peeling and eating your fruit. Grab 8 to 10 bananas or a package of dates and eat. Cut up a bunch of bananas or mangos and one other fruit, spend the afternoon munching on them.

DINNER: Salads and soups are great for evening meals. Look up online low fat raw vegan dressings on google for more choices and you will get an abundance of recipes.

Here is a 7 day dinner plan, click on the blue print and you will be redirected to the recipes:

Day 1: click here: spinach soup

Day 2: a big salad…one head of red leaf lettuce, cucumber and strawberries with date and lemon juice dressing (blend dates and add lemon juice until desired flavor and consistancy)

Day 3: click here: raw vegan spaghetti

Day 4: a big salad…mixed greens, zucchini and tomatoes with tahini and lemon juice dressing (blend tahini with lemon juice and add water until desired flavor and consistency)

Day 5: click here: cabbage gazpacho

Day 6: click here: tomato basil soup

Day 7: a big salad…2 or 3 romaine hearts, red pepper and apple with mango, tomato dressing (blend 1mango and 1 medium tomato)

Shopping List:

Grocery list: if you can’t afford organic then buy conventional. This is just an estimate for a week and to keep things fresh go to the store 2 or 3 or more times a week and buy 2 or 3 days worth.
Melons: 3 per day or one medium sided watermelon.
Oranges if not eating melons: 6 per day. If juicing them, try to find a box of Valencia oranges.   Bananas: one bunch a day of 6 to 8 bananas.
Strawberries or other berries: One package for every 3 days.
Mangos if you want to switch up the bananas: 2 to 3 per day.
Dates: one package.
Apples: 2 or 3 bags of your choice. I prefer pink ladies and gala.
Grapes: one bag.
Greens: whatever greens you prefer. Buy at least 2 romaine hearts worth per day and this weeks menu has 3 days of salads.
Cabbage: one head.
Celery: 2 bunches for 7 days unless you plan on juicing them. If juicing them, get one bunch per day.
Tomatoes: vine tomatoes. One large tomato per day or a handful of cherry per day. On the 3rd day you will be making a tomato soup and will need 4 to 6 tomatoes on that day.
Grape tomatoes: one package.
Red bell pepper: one
Dried tomatoes: one package.
Mushrooms: one package.
Cucumber: 3 for 7 days.
Zucchini: 6 for 7 days.
Avocado: 2 to 3 for 7 days.
(Optional) Jalapeños: 2 or 3 if you like spicy.
Lemons: 10 to juice.
Green onion fresh: one bunch or onion powder.
Dill: small bunch.
Cilantro: small bunch.
Basil: small bunch.
Raw sunflower seeds: 2 to 3 lbs.
Raw tahini if you can find it.
(Optional): Coconut water. This will be expensive and hard to find raw. I buy and use 100% coconut water not from concentrate but it is not raw.

I hope this is helpful!