It was a very interesting day today. So many emotions.

The day started out good. The day before I had borrowed my roommates car and drove to Caldwell…about 30 miles from Boise… to go to my Grandpa’s 83rd birthday party. After the party I stayed the night at my mom’s since she lives in Caldwell. I love staying at my mom’s, I always take a nice hot bath before bed at her house and she has a lot of fuzzy warm blankets to snuggle up in. The next morning I was so glad that I had the day off work.There were a few things I wanted to get done. I wanted to make up some flyers and business cards for weight loss coaching and print them out, which is part of why I was at my mom’ use her printer, as well as spend some time with her. The other thing I wanted to get done was to get my web site going.

My mom was running around stressed out about things that didn’t need to be stressed about. I wasn’t sure how to help her or how to show her how to get into a better state of mind. She started accusing me and my daughter Savana of taking her stuff and not putting it back. We hadn’t touched any of the things she was talking about and I was starting to get mad. I didn’t want to join in or be a part of her frustration. I couldn’t figure out how to stay in my happy zone with all this chaos going on around me. Then my mom sprayed perfume in the bathroom where I was standing. I can’t stand perfume. It immediately makes me feel like throwing up and gives me a headache. I covered my nose and mouth, left the bathroom, went outside and started crying. I’ve been working on not letting other peoples negative energy enter into my energy, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. I told Savana that we needed to leave. That I felt sick and things were too chaotic. A few minutes later my mom came outside and apologized. I just sat and focused on breathing…a half hour later the headache started to clear up and the nausea faded. Things seemed to be flowing in a more positive direction. So I told Savana I felt better and that we could stay. My mom left to do some things. I made a big smoothie with fresh squeezed oj blended with mango’s. Then I sat down and I worked on my flyers and business cards. The guy I hired to help me with my web site sent me a message that is was up and running. I was pretty stoked about that!

A few hours later my mom came back and it was time for me to head over to another town another 30 miles away and meet a lady that I had talked to on-line, but wanted to meet in person. She had recently learned about raw food and tried it to lose weight. She lost some weight and gained so much more. She found a whole new awareness…which is what happens when you eat fresh fruits and vegetables 🙂 She was struggling in some areas and I wanted to be able to talk to her in person, to walk her through some steps that might be able to help her out. It was the best time talking and hanging out with her. I had stopped at a fruit stand on the way and bought a massive amount of melons, grapes and peaches. I was starving when I got there since I had only had the smoothie earlier. I got out my case of peaches and we had a little bit of a peach feast, while we talked. Fun stuff! By the time I had to leave, we had fully bonded and I just love that woman dearly!

On the way home I stopped in another little town called New Plymouth where my biological dad and his wife live. I had called earlier and they said I was more than welcome to stop by. As a child, when my mom and biological dad divorced…a year later my mom remarried and her husband adopted me…so I grew up with a different dad, Dennis…and he just passed away in March, and he was a wonderful dad. I miss him a lot. So anyway…I still keep in contact with my biological dad and really enjoy him and his wife. They are good people. I stayed at their place for about an hour, just bs-ing and catching up on each others lives. I sure do love the both of them. After that, it took an hour to drive back to Boise. I dropped Savana off and her dad’s and came home. Ate a whole lot of dates and wrote my blog.

Another day of joys and sorrows. Great experiences and good conversation. Love, frustration, sadness and anger. It is so great to be alive!

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