3 more days in Kauai

Ahh..only 3 days left. Time to work on deep breathing, don’t panic…stay calm.

Last night I went to bed at around midnight. I woke up at 4 a.m. and felt really hungry. I drank some water which helped but I was awake by then. I got up to check my e-mail and had a message from a friend wanting my story about overcoming schizophrenia for his web site. I started writing out my story and before I knew it the sun had come up and it was 9 a.m. The house was starting to wake up so I went out and asked Janie what time we were leaving for the farm. They were thinking they would leave around 11. I did a few more things and went back to bed to catch some sleep before leaving. I slept for about an hour. Got up squeezed 64 oz. of tangelo juice, filled up my water bottle, grabbed a big bag of longan’s and we were out the door.
On the way to the farm I drank 32 oz. of my juice. When we got there I started in on my favorite things. I searched around the passion fruit vines to find the fruits that had fallen…I call it hunting for easter eggs. There were a lot of passion fruit to be found which was fun. Then I headed to the papaya patch and harvest quite a bit of papaya’s. The bin that I put them in was so heavy I couldn’t lift it, I actually could barely even drag it. I almost went and got Darrel to help me bring it in, but decided that I was tough and could do it myself. I would drag a couple of feet, rest, drag a couple more feet, rest until I got it all the way back to where the truck was. I was very happy with myself. I then separated them into smaller bins so they would keep longer and not bruise each other with their weight.
After that Janie, April, Savana and I went over to the cotton plants. They were completely hidden in the guinea grass. We started hacking away at the grass. I loved this work. I got into my zone and went to town. Savana lasted about a half hour and then went off to explore. It was slightly raining on us which felt great and the air was pleasantly warm. My kitty motor was purring away inside of me as I worked. It took about an hour and a half to get all the grass cut down. We took a break and on the walk back to the truck we discovered little heads of lettuce coming up in the old garden area. We all just started munching away, I love eating food directly from the ground. It makes me feel like a wild animal. Those greens tasted like heaven to me and I ate and ate and ate until I felt completely satisfied. Then I went and drank the rest of my tangelo juice. I love being on the farm surrounded by nature and natures food. It gives me a sense of security and makes me very happy.
I usually call my boys that are with their dad in Salt Lake City every Saturday. So I called them up and as always we had a lot of fun talking and joking around on the phone. I then called my friend Doug and between my boys and him I must have talked for quite a while because when I got off the phone everyone else was back working, weeding out the basil patch. Just as I was about to head over they started coming back and said that they were done and it was time to go. I was feeling a little tired from not getting enough sleep so was glad to be heading back.
Back at the house I was planning on taking a nap but did some work on the computer instead. By the time I was done with that I figured that I might as well wait until bed time and try to get to bed early. While doing my computer stuff I had a liter of papaya/banana smoothie.
I got off the computer and was trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I finally decided that I wanted a salad with some yummy dressing. I made up my dressing in the blender with tomato’s, dehydrated tomato’s, basil, green onion, zucchini and half a teaspoon of tahini. It tasted really good but when I went to get my lettuce out of the fridge I discovered that it had gone bad. So I walked three blocks to the store and bought some more as well as some broccoli. I made up my salad when I got back and poured on my dressing. It was really good with the broccoli but the lettuce tasted too bitter. I tried forcing myself to eat some of the lettuce and kind of disguised it by making sure I had broccoli with each bite. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and just picked out the lettuce and at some more with just the broccoli. I got really full and couldn’t eat it all. I had been sitting on the floor talking with Janie and April while I ate. April had been watching Janie and I eat the past couple of days and was getting very interested in what we were doing. She asked if she could taste the rest of what I couldn’t eat. I was of course more than willing to share. She tasted it and ended up eating almost all of the rest.

I came it to do my blog and will hopefully be in bed by 10. We have a big day tomorrow and have to get up at 5a.m. to take April to the airport and pick up Janie and Darrel’s screen house for the farm.

I weighed 153 lbs. again today.
I am doing 7 push ups!

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