2 more introductions.

Monday I had a partial day off. I woke up around 6a.m., crawled in bed with my amazing roommate Steve and snuggled for a few minutes before getting up. This is a little morning routine between us. Nothing sexual, just some good quality snuggle time 🙂 Steve is the best roommate ever. At 6:30 I officially got up. Woke up Savana and made her breakfast. Toast, fresh squeezed oj and applesauce. Turned on her favorite music for her while she got ready for school…right now she loves Evanescence.

After she left for school I ate a huge santa claus melon. It was full of deliciousness. I was supposed to meet my sister around 11 to do a photo shoot, but she canceled so around 9 I decided I needed a morning nap. One of my favorite things are morning naps. I just rarely have time to take them.

It was a great nap. The sun was shining in the window on me and I was like one of my cats, curled up purring in the warmth. I woke up around 12. Got some things done around the house. I had plans to meet a friend at 2, she wanted to go to the fruitstand with me so I could show her how to pick out ripe fruit. Around 1 she canceled, so I had more free time until 3 when I needed to leave for work.

I decided this was a great time to get some work done in the garden. My garden makes me so happy. I just love it. There was a tiny bit that needed harvested, a few tomatoes that I ate while harvesting them and just one zucchini. I pulled up some of my dead sunflowers and did a little bit of weed management. It was another beautiful sunny warm day. Boise gets so much sun and I am a total sun worshiper. I love the sunshine.

I came inside and made up a smoothie of peaches blended up with fresh squeezed oj, about 64oz. worth. I loaded that up on my bike along with a pound of mixed greens, raw tahini and a lemon. My next job was a new one. I had seen a note up at the co-op last week. It was someone asking for help in learning how to cook vegan food, learn juicing, etc, he wasn’t offering to pay much but I felt like I wanted to help him out with this. Even though I didn’t really have much time to fit more work into my schedule, I get excited when I see people striving to gain health through changing to a plant based diet.

One the way to my job, I was a little bit ahead of schedule so I was moseying along on my bike, just looking around. When passing the bike shop I remembered I needed to get a new tail light for Savana’s bike. I stopped in and there was a new guy working there. Yay! A chance to introduce myself. So I met Ralph and he helped me pick out a tail light that would work the best.

I got to my new job right on time. I could immediately tell as soon as the guy opened the door that he was sick. His energy was so low, it was barely ignited. He told me he had gotten some sort of food poisoning and wouldn’t be able to work with me in the kitchen, but wanted me to make up a bunch of green juice for him. I got started right away. Started juicing, made myself a salad with the lettuce I brought and ate it with a raw tahini, lemon dressing. He also wanted me to steam some veggies for him. It took me about an hour and a half to get it all done.

That left me some free time. So I went to the co-op and got a few things. Moseyed on over to the Flying M to see if there was any fresh squeezed oj left from the morning. I was in luck, there were two left…28oz. worth. The guy that rang me up I had not met before, so I got in another introduction, though I forgot his name…I will have to ask again 🙂

Still ahead of schedule. I took my time getting to play practice. Stopped at the Asian market on the way and picked up some young coconuts. At play practice we were doing a quick run through, since we were expected to be back at 4:30a.m. They are doing a news broadcast of the “Rocky Horror Show” and that happened to be the time that we were supposed to do it. Oh yay! I tried getting out of it, but the director told me it was required. I drank my peach oj smoothies at practice and made it home at around 9:30p.m. I ate about 6 dates. Talked to Ron briefly on the phone and went straight to bed.

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