1 day left in Kauai

Last night I went to bed at 9. I woke up at 7a.m. feeling really great and refreshed.
I did some things on the computer. Squeezed my 64 oz. of tangelo juice and bottled it up.   Janie, Darrel, their son Ariel, Savana and I all headed off to get the rest of the shipment for the screen house. We had to go to the farm first to get the big truck that they rented, since we had left it there last night.
We got the truck and drove both trucks to the shipment yard. Janie, Savana and I in the one truck. Darrel and Ariel in the big truck. At the shipment yard they were telling Darrel that he picked up everything yesterday and there wasn’t anything else to get. He was not very happy since they had told him yesterday that there were 2 more pallets and that is why he kept the big truck another day. We were there quite a while figuring things out. I spent the time carrying Savana around in different ways to build up my arm strength. It is pretty tough carrying 85 lbs. around for long periods of time.
Finally Darrel and Ariel left to take the big truck back and us girls waited around for the rest of the receipts. We then went and picked up the guys. Ariel had some errands he needed to run with Darrel close to the mall. Savana and I walked around the mall, while Janie stayed in the truck and took a nap. I drank my tangelo juice and bought Savana a smoothie at Jamba juice. It was a beautiful day. Partly cloudy, mid 70’s and a tropical breeze. We sat in the sun at the mall for a while waiting for Darrel and Ariel to get done. It was so cool being in a mall but still being outside. After a few minutes the guys showed up and were hungry. They decided to go to a mexican restaurant. I did some thinking about how I wanted to address this situation. I have been all raw for 10 days, I wasn’t sure how I would do in a restaurant. I was really hungry and yesterday I had gone through a lot of cooked food cravings. I decided that I was up for the challenge and that I would just simply stay strong. At the restaurant I ordered a green salad which came with lettuce, tomato’s, olives and cheese. I asked for no olives and cheese, so it was really just lettuce and tomato’s. I told myself that I was going to be happy with that and I was. My salad came and I asked if they made their salsa fresh. She said they did, so I ordered a little to use as dressing. I ate my salad, wasn’t even tempted to eat any of the chips or nachos that everyone else was eating. I was happy, my body felt great and there was no way I was going to ruin that great feeling by eating something that would take me down. I wanted to continue to feel light, beautiful and clean….and I did 🙂 When we were almost done eating Ariel’s girlfriend met us there and he decided to stay and go off with her for a while. Just as we were getting ready to leave Janie showed up and we all went back to the truck to go to the farm again.
At the farm Janie and I did inventory of all the parts for the screen house. It went really well. Things were labeled good, we found everything quickly and best of all…everything was there! We were very excited and jumped around hugging each other. I ate a bunch of fresh greens. Darrel fed the guinea pigs and then we headed back to the house, picking up Ariel on the way.
Back at the house I made a liter of papaya/banana smoothie, then took an hour nap. I woke up at a little after 6. I had scheduled to talk to a friend at 6 on gchat so I quickly got on the computer and thankfully they were still there waiting for me. I also skyped another friend and talked to them for a while. Around 7:30 I got off the computer and made another liter of papaya/banana smoothie. Janie, Savana, Darrel and I sat down and watched “IT Crowd” while Janie taught me how to knit. I thought I did pretty good for my first time. I also made my tomato soup somewhere in the middle of all this. Everyone watched tv while I knitted for a couple of hours and then headed off to bed.
It was another fantastic day on the island. I could only do 6 push ups tonight because my arms were tired from carrying Savana around earlier.
I weighed 152 lbs. this morning. The weight is slowly and steadily coming off.
Tomorrow we will leave the island. Our plane leave at 9:45p.m. I am trying not to think about leaving. I am excited to see friends and my kitties when I get back.
Savana and I will probably spend some time at the beach tomorrow for the last time if the weather is nice.

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