Releasing Into The Wind

Dear Friends,

Today was a beautiful 85 degree day here in central Texas. The sun was out and a strong south wind was blowing. Angel played in her new little swimming pool, sang and read lots of stories. I spent most of the day resting in the sun. The wind was magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the tree’s dance and the grass wave with the wind. I appreciated how unresistant they were. The air felt fresh and cleansing. While watching the tree’s and the grass I felt a great desire to join them, release resistance and cleanse.

I went inside of myself and gave the wind my fears and judgements. I gave the wind my resentments and jealousy. I released anything I could find in myself that was not loving and accepting. The wind took it all, whisked it away and I was grateful.

I appreciate tree’s

I appreciate wind

I appreciate sunshine

I appreciate books

I appreciate deep breaths

I appreciate watermelon and bananas

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations

I appreciate you!




breakfast: 1/2 of a blended watermelon

snack: the other 1/2 of the blended watermelon

lunch: 5 frozen bananas blended into nice cream

snack: 2 handfuls of grapes

dinner: spinach soup: recipe is here:

Spinach Soup

Tools: a high speed blender or food processor

a sharp knife and cutting board

soup bowl


a handful of spinach

one large zucchini

3 large tomatoes

1 red bell pepper

(Optional) juice pulp crackers (recipe here:

Blend together in food processor or blender: spinach, 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 red bell pepper and 2 tomatoes until creamy. Pour the soup into a bowl.

Dice 1 tomato, the other half of the zucchini and red bell pepper. Place them on top of the soup. Add crackers on top.

The Joy of Resting: appreciations and blog

Dear Friends,

It has been another joyful day of rest and healing. I was laying outside this afternoon watching Angel play in the water and I was overcome with gratitude, which happens often. I was so very grateful for faith. I feel incredibly blessed that I am giving myself permission to have this time of rest of healing. Many many hours of meditation, reading and listening to people talk about acceptance has gotten me to where I am at peace with whatever is happening with me life. I completely trust that honoring and loving myself will bring incredible abundance into my life.

It wasn’t that long ago that I wouldn’t have allowed myself the luxury of deep healing. I would have stressed about money or what others expected of me. How others thought of me was more important than taking care of myself and the idea of lack of money was a big worry. I would have pushed myself and tried to hurry up the healing process so I could get back out there and show everyone how strong I was and how capable I was of taking care of my family as a single mom.

Living that way doesn’t even make logical sense to me anymore. I don’t want to heal quickly, I was to heal deeply and I am willing to rest as long as it takes. I know that all of my bills will be paid because truly honoring myself brings wealth. Money is not mine, the vehicle I drive is not mine, the place I live is not mine. Nothing belongs to me, things I enjoy come into my life for me to use for a long time or a short time and then they go to someone else to use or back to the earth. If I am meant to live in the house I am in, then I will have money to pay rent. If I don’t have money for rent, then something else will come along..another opportunity. It’s pointless to worry. I can worry all I want about paying rent but that won’t secure that I will have rent money but worry will cause me to not enjoy life.

So instead of worrying, I trust that God has my back in all situations. I trust that if I am meant to rest and heal, then it is happening for me..not against me. Everything that happens in my life is for me…everything! And I do absolutely love life💞

I appreciate the sun

I appreciate time with my children

I appreciate healing

I appreciate grapes and sapote

I appreciate flowers

I appreciate people

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Resting and healing and yours,



I’m Not Sick, I’m Healing: appreciations and blog

Dear Friends,

My healing journey continues. The exhaustion was strong today. Tomorrow will be a month that I have been healing. It seems like a distant memory of how much energy I used to have. Did I really go on 6 to 8 hour walks less than 2 months ago? Did I really work at the greenhouse doing really really hard labor for hours in the heat? Now I do short half hour walks and am exhausted after. I go to the greenhouse and barely maintain watering and feeding the chickens.

I went to the doctor, which I had been avoiding since I don’t have insurance and doctors tend to not be helpful. She thinks I have mono. I think she is right. My aunt mentioned it to me on Saturday. I looked it up and I knew that’s what I got. There’s nothing that can be done for mono…thank you! I knew that too and am glad no medications were pushed on me. The blood tests will show for sure in a couple of days if it really is mono. Most people with mono are bed ridden the whole time. Thankfully I’m a fruitarian and I can still function, just slowly. I rest most of everyday and still am working for George 15 hours a week.

I am enjoying this restful time in my life. I don’t think of myself as being sick. I’m thinking of all the deep healing my body is doing while I’m resting and I am grateful. My tongue is layered in white gross but a good sign that deep detox is happening.

I will keep you posted on the blood test results.

i appreciate fresh oj

I appreciate resting in the sun.

i appreciate bananas

I appreciate books.

I appreciate healing.

I appreciate breath.

I appreciate abundance.

I appreciate weakness.

I appreciate acceptance.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Lovingly yours,


I Am’s and Appreciations

Dear Friends,

I am peaceful.

I am accepting.

I am wealthy.

I am vibrant.

I am resilient.

I am kind.

I appreciate the blue sky.

I appreciate a warm breeze.

I appreciate paying rent early.

I appreciate song birds.

I appreciate grass.

I appreciate the sun.

I appreciate a clean house and clean laundry.

Thank you for reading my appreciations

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,



Our Fears Follow Us: Appreciations and blog

Dear Friends,

There is nothing we can do to escape our fears.

Money will not ease our fears. We can have millions but if we still fear not having enough then there will never be enough. If we still fear being poor then we will be poor at heart and continue to focus on lack.

We cannot run from our fears. If we are not happy with our current situation or relationship with others. We can move to the other side of the world and the same situation and relationships will be there when we arrive.

We cannot escape our fears but we can release them.

When we release our fear of not having enough money and instead trust the God is in charge and will will provide us with all that we need. Then we become free of that fear and we find that we indeed do have all that we need.

When we release our fears about our current situation or relationships. Then we begin to see how everything and everyone in our life is there for us and we become thankful for our lives as they are in the moment. We will find depth in connection with others that we’ve never experienced before. Then if we feel called to move to the other side of the world, we will bring our new found depths with us.

Instead of running from our fears and problems, we move forward, toward our passions. We accept what is fearlessly and live joyfully.

I appreciate an inspirational church family.

I appreciate music.

I appreciate ceiling fans.

I appreciate computers.

I appreciate apples.

I appreciate banana plants.

I appreciate empowering friendships.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Joyfully yours,