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Our Day

Dear Diary and Friends,

Yesterday my morning started with 45 minute guided Louise Hay meditation. Then I got up, made my bed, put on coconut/lavender oil and woke up Angel Baby. We got dressed and went into the kitchen. I made a banana, mulberry, spinach smoothie and saved it for later. I dropped Savana off at school, then came back home. I blended up a watermelon which ended up being 128oz. I packed up 64oz. on the bicycle and rode to church with Angel.

At church, I helped Pam set up for an event she was hosting later that day. I drank my blended watermelon while I was there. Angel played in the nursery, ate 2 mangos and helped set up. When finished I rode to the thrift store. Angel loves the thrift store! She played with the toys while I shopped. I found some great skirts and shirts. After that we rode home drank my other 64oz. of watermelon juice. I was so full!! Lol. After a few minutes the full feeling passed. Angel ate an avocado. We went outside and hung clothes on the line, then I mixed up 3 bags of concrete and put it into molds to make stepping stones for the yard. Angel and I drew and put handprints in the stepping stones. Then I watered the trees and gardens.

Next I spent about 2 hours weeding the big garden.  Angel played in her pool and helped me weed. I took a break from weeding and drank my banana mulberry smoothie. Then I started putting up panels on the ceiling of the tiny house. It was crazy hot and took a lot of strength. I finished putting up the first panel when I heard Savana and her boyfriend Tyler talking. They must have just arrived home. I went and asked Tyler if he could help me put up the 2nd panel, which he did. I was really grateful for his help since my arms were so tired I could barely lift them. We got the 2nd panel up and I was glad to have that done. I took some time to rest and meditate before continuing with the days activities.

I went in the kitchen and packed up ingredients to make a big salad and put them in the bicycle baskets. Then I rode to church again. At church I put the salad together and people started arriving for our faith sharing dinner. I had made 2 big bowls of salad, one for me and one to share. I was super hungry. I was surprised though that I could only eat 1/2 of my big bowl of salad. Angel ate strawberries and tahini lemon dressing. After supper we all sat around and shared stories of our faith journeys. It was fun but I was tired. When we finished, I rode home, took a long hot/cold shower with Angel and went to bed. I read Angel a story and a half before I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I feel asleep around 8:30pm. I love early bedtimes.

Thank you for watermelon.

Thank you for strength and endurance.

Thank you for sunshine.

Thank you for dirt.

Thank you for community.

Thank you for love.

I appreciate y’all reading my blog and being a part of my life.

With gratitude,


Good morning!

Mulberry Tree

Dear Diary and friends,

There is a mulberry tree at a house down the road from me and it is full of almost ripe mulberries. I’ve been meaning to knock on the door and ask if I can harvest the mulberries when they get ripe. I had been putting it off because for some reason I had a fear about it. I was afraid it would be grumpy people that would tell me no but on the other hand..I knew deep inside that no matter what, knocking on that door would be a good experience.

Yesterday I was walking by the mulberry tree, pulling Angel in the wagon when I decided that today was the day to knock on that door. I brought Angel up to the door with me for cuteness appeal. We knocked on the door and it was opened to a familiar face. It was a lady that sings in the choir I had been singing in for one of the other churches in town. Since the church I go to doesn’t have a choir, I asked to join this other churches choir and they said sure. Anyway, the lady said we could pick as many mulberries as we would like. She invited us in and we talked for awhile. It was great to realize we lived so close to each other. Knocking on that door not only brought free mulberries into my life, it deepened a connection. What a blessing.

Thank you for mulberries.

Thank you for friendship.

Thank you for strength.

Thank you for breath.

I appreciate y’all reading my blog and being a part of my life.

Peacefully Yours,


Today’s Morning Writing


Dear Diary and Friends,

Hopelessness and despair have overwhelmed me for 3 days. The anger inside of me is huge. It seems as if everything is meaningless. Everything I’ve strived for is pointless really. Being positive and compassionate and peaceful…taking care of my body, eating healthy….it’s all meaningless. We all die, we all enter the greater consciousness after death. What is the point of growth and awakening? I’m tired and I just want to be, even if it means that I feel angry and bitter and fat and unhealthy, just let me be.

Thank you for anger.

Thank you for despair.

Thank you for writing.

With despair,



Daily Gratitudes

Thank you for lavender.

Thank you for Emil.

Thank you for belief.

Thank you for rain.

Thank you for challenges.

Thank you for temptations.

Thank you for wisdom.

Dear God, What can I give you today? “Appreciation”.

I will delightfully live in appreciation of all things.

I radiate light.

I radiate love.

I flow like a large river, resisting nothing, still yet moving, following my path easily.

For all who read this blog and are a part of my life, thank you!

With humility,


See The Truth In People

That which we consider sickness is not sickness. It is exactly as it has to be because of the laws of nature. Do not see the sickness in a person, instead see the Holy Spirit in them. It is the same Holy Spirit that we all have. Our truth. See what is right with them. Speak to their truth. Listen to their truth. That is loving. Don’t try to fix them in anyway because it causes you to see what you think is wrong with them It causes you so see that which you think needs fixing. When you see their truth and they are aware that you see their truth. That gives them awareness that their truth is real and they will align with it in a new way and their consciousness will make a shift.

Thank you for light.

Thank you for meditation.

Thank you for A Course in Miracles.

*What can I give you today?* Your fears

I gave you my fears and I have become light once again. Thank you for the contrast. Thank you for the darkness.

I appreciate all of you

With gratitude,


Raw Vegan Hummus

Tools: food processor with an S blade.


1 cup of raw sprouted chickpeas (soak raw chickpeas in water for 2 to 4 days. Changing the water twice a day until you see them sprout little tails)

3 tablespoons raw tahini.

1 teaspoons fresh lemon juice.

1/2 clove garlic.

1 tablespoon cumin.

1/4 cup of water.

Put all the ingredients in the food processor and blend until creamy. Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Gazpacho

Tools: food processor with s blade, sharp knife, large spoon and cutting board.

Ingredients: you can use organic or non organic, your choice.

5 medium tomatoes

2 zucchini

2 cucumber

4 stalks of celery

2 cups of corn

3 altaulfo mangos

2 avocado’s (Optional)

Directions: slice 3 tomatoes into 4ths. Put in the food processor and pulse until chunky. Put into a large bowl. Do the same thing with the zucchini, then the cucumber and finally the celery. Putting them all into the large bowl with the diced tomatoes.

Peel and dice the mangos and avocado. Add them to the large bowl. Add the corn.

Take the remaining 2 tomatoes and blend in food processor until they are a creamy liquid. Poor the blended tomatoes over the other fruits and vegetables in the large bowl. Using a large spoon mix everything in the bowl together. Enjoy!

The Miracle of Living Honestly

Dear Diary and Friends,

As treasurer of the church I attend, I like to keep the church well stocked on necessary items. A couple of weeks ago I bought a package of really nice pens for the church, with permission, using the church money. As I was putting them away I thought to myself how nice it would be to have one of those pens. I instantly felt the weight of darkness upon me. Mentally I had put myself in a place of feeling lack and fear, feeling like I couldn’t afford to buy a nice pen for myself and thinking I could just take one little pen from the church and no one would care.

Hold up cowgirl! I immediately stopped my mind and put the brakes that whole ridiculous thought process. Seriously was I so poor that I couldn’t buy myself a nice pen and needed to steal one from God? I laughed to myself, “of course I had more than enough to buy a nice pen and NO I did not need to steal one now or ever”. The weight left me and I was light once again. Ahhh, that’s better.

I asked Pastor Pam if I could borrow one of the nice new church pens until I made it to the store to buy one for myself. Pam said, “of course!” So I borrowed the pen and was very conscious about returning it. A few days later I was on a walk with Angel. I happened to randomly look down and there on the road next to my foot was a beautiful black pen. A very fancy one with a light at one end. I picked it up and it was in perfect condition. I laughed with joy and yelled thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it! What a wonderful gift. I wasn’t expecting that! Wow, wow, wow!!

Thank you for light.

Thank you for a fantastic pen.

Thank you for guidance.

Thank you for blades of grass.

Thank you for security.

Thank you for faith.

Thank you for drops of dew.

Thank you for crisp morning air.

I appreciate y’all being a part of my life.

Thank you!

with gratitude,


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