Loving my Fat

Dear Friends,

I have been practicing loving myself as I am. Through this practice I have realized a lot about how I limit my love for myself because of I fear what other people think of me. My body is full of scars and imperfections. My entire right leg has 3rd degree burn and skin graft scars from hot water when I was a baby. That would be my largest scar. I grew up with it though and am not fazed by it at all. I’ve accepted all of my bodies imperfections except for one thing, the big fat roll I still carry on my stomach. Since getting over mono it has grown from bloating and gaining 10 lbs. I am still doing some deep cleansing and healing and I fully understand this is temporary.

So I prayed and asked how to heal this self loathing of my fat and be able to release it. The answer was to treat myself with love at all times no matter what I look like. Since then, I have been talking to the fat roll on my stomach a lot lately. Telling it how much I appreciate it and how beautiful it is. The years I’ve spent trying to hide it and hating it are over. I’ve bought loose shorts so it can stick out all it wants and not be squished. I massage it and bless it throughout the day. This I’m sure would be very entertaining to watch! Lol. I know that fully loving myself and accepting myself is necessary to live in peace. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow in my understanding of unconditional love. I am complete in this moment.

I appreciate my fat roll.

I appreciate weeds.

I appreciate caterpillars.

I appreciate grace.

I appreciate patience.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate watermelon juice.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Completely yours,



Dear Friends,

I appreciate friends coming to visit.

I appreciate restful days.

I appreciate tomatoes.

I appreciate watermelon.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate the sun.

Thank you for reading my appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,


The Gift of Dewberries

Dear Friends,

This morning Victoria and Angel Baby went on a walk in search of dewberries. There is a batch near their house but Victoria already picked it clean. So she asked the universe to lead her to more dewberries when they started their walk. It was a sunny cool morning with a cold breeze. Victoria basked in the chilly air. It almost felt as good as a cold shower. Gusts of cold wind would come up and Victoria would take a big breath as the crisp feeling of the air enveloped her body inside and out. It was invigorating and she was grateful for the experience.

Victoria’s intuition told her to turn down a small backroad as she was walking past it. She started down the road and immediately spotted a huge dewberries patch. Victoria startes to fill up the container she had brought with her to put the berries in. Angel enjoyed eating the berries as soon her mom picked them, Victoria ate a bunch too. Despite all the eating going on, the container was filled up quickly. Next foraging adventure Victoria will bring more containers. Victoria felt incredibly blessed and grateful to have beautiful dark purple dewberry energy flowing through her body. She thanked the dewberry vines for their gift of love and her heart grew bigger.

I appreciate dewberries.

I appreciate love.

I appreciate fresh air.

I appreciate sleepy babies.

I appreciate Alice.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Blissfully yours,



Living Effortless and Timeless

Dear Friends,

Victoria is not sure what is going on with time lately. She doesn’t pay attention to itime very much anymore and it seems to warp to fit whatever she is doing.

Victoria woke up this morning and meditated until Angel woke up. They went into the kitchen. Angel ate mango and avocado while taking a bath in the kitchen sink. Victoria juiced 30 tangelo, 10 lemons, 1/2 of a large seeded watermelon including the rind, 2 bunches of celery, 3 large cucumbers and 10 apples. It took quite a while to get all of that juiced. Victoria took her time juicing, stopping often to tend to Angel, do laundry and eat. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and flowed with the process. When she finished, she checked the time and was surprised that it was still early in the day.

Victoria asked the universe what she should do next. Her intuition told her to go clean the church today instead of tomorrow morning before service. So off to the church she went with Angel. She took her time cleaning the church and thoroughly enjoying herself, doing her best. When she finished she checked the time and was surprised to find that she still had 2 hours to make the 1 hour drive to George’s.

Victoria took her time driving to George’s, taking back roads and exploring. She got lost a couple of times but didn’t check google maps to see where she was. She just kept going until she came across a familiar road. It was fun and adventurous, Victoria thoroughly enjoyed herself. She arrived at George’s and was surprised when she checked the time and was 15 minutes early.

Victoria has had her first effortless, timeless day and she is grateful.

I appreciate time.

I appreciate bananas.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate George.

I appreciate juicers.

I appreciate adventures.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Forever yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16oz. lemon water and cucumber, apple, celery juice.

2nd breakfast: 1/4 of a huge seeded watermelon with rind juiced.

Lunch: 64oz. banana, coconut water smoothie.

Dinner: 64oz. mango and fresh tangelo juice smoothie.

Releasing Fears and Appreciations

Dear Friends,

My mind started judgements early this morning. I skipped morning meditation since Angel woke up early. Once I realized that was a mistake, I immediately put Angel in the stroller and went on a walk. As I walked I consciously faced the fears that were disguised as judgements. I talked through the fears until I was able to clearly see that they are nothing but illusions. Once I was able to see their triviality it was easy to let the fears go because they were no longer scary. I enjoy the light feeling I get after releasing fears, for that, I am grateful.

I appreciate sleep.

I appreciate joy.

I appreciate health.

I appreciate watermelon.

I appreciate fears.

I appreciate cleaning.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Fearlessly yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16oz. lemon water and celery, cucumber, apple juice.

2nd breakfast: half of a watermelon blended.

Lunch: 64oz. Mango and fresh tangelo juice smoothie.

Dinner: 64oz. banana, coconut water smoothie.

The Art of Finding A Seat

Dear Friends,

Victoria showed up to music club 15 minutes early. This was only her 3rd time attending and she was still getting to know everyone. She arrived at the same time as a couple that were probably in their early 70’s. The couple said hello, Victoria said hello back but could not remember their names at that moment.

She stood to the side of the room in order to orient herself and connect with the energy vibrations around her. As she stood there, the couple she had walked in with were on the other side of the room discussing between theenselves where they were going to sit. She watched them and listened, suddenly she remembered their names..Charlie and Mona. Here is what they were saying:

Charlie: Do you think we should sit over here or over there?

Mona: Over here I think will be good.

Charlie: How about I sit in this chair and you can sit on my right.

Mona: I think this chair will be better. Will that chair work for you?

Charlie: yes, I think that will be just fine.

They sit down in the chairs. There is a lot of hustle and bustle as they set down their bags. Charlie is rustling around through some papers. He looks up and says….

Charlie: How about we move over there so I can set these papers on the end table?

Mona: The last time we sat over there is was too far away from the piano.

Charlie: Well then how about we move to those chairs by the piano? I can set the papers on the piano.

There is a lot of rustling around, gathering up papers and bags. They move down to the chairs next to piano. Mona places a bag on the floor on the right side of her chair and is searching around for a place to set her other bag. Charlie sets his papers on top of the piano and starts looking around.

Charlie: where is the tambourine?

Mona: It’s in this bag.

Mona picks up the bag to the right of her chair and hands it to Charlie. Charlie takes the tambourine out and it looking for a place to set it down. Mona is setting her other bag on the ground to her right. She looks up and sees Charlie looking for a place to put the tambourine.

Mona: Put it back in the bag.

Charlie tries putting the tambourine back in the bag but it is a tight fit and he is having trouble getting it back in. Mona is watching him. He manages to get the tambourine back in the bag and leans down to set the bag on the floor to his left.

Mona: I can’t reach it over there. How about setting it between us.

Charlie picks up the bag and turns to set it on the floor between them. Mona is removing another bag that she had set between them and Charlie doesn’t notice what Mona is doing and sets the tambourine bag on top of the bag Mona is pulling on to move out of the way.

Mona: I’m moving this bag out of the way dear.

Charlie: oh!

He picks up the tambourine bag and leaves room for Mona to pull out the other bag and set it next to the bag on her right. Charlie then puts the tambourine bag between them.

Mona: thank you dear.

It seems as if they both are finally satisfied with how they are seated and settled in.

Victoria smiles with joy while watching their seating process. It was a real life sitcom and it was beautiful. She was filled with love and gratitude toward them for enriching her life. Then she takes a seat for herself.

I appreciate people.

I appreciate the color blue.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate laughter.

I appreciate hammers and nails.

I appreciate oranges.

I appreciate a newly decorated bathroom.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Joyfully yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16 oz. lemon water and celery, cucumber, apple juice.

2nd breakfast: 1/2 a watermelon with runs juiced.

Lunch: 13 mandarin oranges.

Snack: 3 banana nice cream.

Dinner: a head of red leaf lettuce, 1/4 red bell pepper, 1/2 a large tomato, 2 small cucumber, 5 mushroom salad with lemon, tahini and homemade sun dried tomato dressing.

Snails 🐌 and appreciations

Dear Friends,

Victoria and Angel spent the morning juicing. They made celery, cucumber, apple juice. They juiced a watermelon, peel and all. Then they made lemon juice and then finally tangelo juice.

After cleaning up the kitchen, they decided to go for a walk. Angel fell asleep immediately. Victoria lowered the back of Angel’s seat so she could lay down. When she did that, a snail fell off the back of the stroller onto the road. Normally Victoria would have just tossed it gently into the nearby grass but today something different happened. Victoria picked up the snail and looked at it. Its little eyes were waving around and Victoria found it to be adorable. She asked the snail where it would like to be placed. She set it on a nearby mailbox but the snail didn’t seem interested in sticking to it. So she held it up to a tree. It gently touched the tree, shrunk back and then reached for the tree again. This time it grabbed hold. Victoria watched it move along the tree trunk for a while, she found it fascinating to watch how it moved and wondered if it was making eye contact or not with its wiggly eyes.

Later that day Angel and Victoria were standing in the front doorway naming all the things they saw. Angel pointed out a snail stuck on her baby gate. It was in a spot where Angel could easily get to it and accidentally squish it. Victoria thought to move it to a safer area. She picked it up and it immediately tucked up inside its shell. She held it and watched and waited. It didn’t take long and it started to come out of its shell. Victoria was mesmerized. It was like watching a suspense movie. The body slowly rolled out of the shell in a circular motion. Slowly and gracefully it unrolled, at last exposing its head. Then Victoria saw the eyes pop up out of the body. She found that to be delightful and laughed from the joy of it. Victoria was grateful for snails and her heart grew bigger.

I appreciate snails.

I appreciate dewberries.

I appreciate breath.

I appreciate flowers.

I appreciate ants.

I appreciate chairs.

I appreciate strollers.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Thankfully yours,



Appreciations and what I ate

Dear Friends,

I appreciate meeting new people.

I appreciate clouds.

I appreciate Inspiration.

I appreciate cars.

I appreciate mangos.

Thank you for reading my appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Happily yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16oz lemon water and celery, cucumber, apple juice.

2nd breakfast: 32 oz. mango and fresh oj smoothie.

lunch: 10 mandarin oranges.

Snack: a handful of plain pasta.

Dinnet: a bunch of gourmet raw food at a raw restaurant.

Appreciations and what I ate

Dear Friends,

I appreciate rain.

I appreciate lawnmower.

I appreciate books.

I appreciate strength.

I appreciate bananas.

I appreciate people.

I appreciate prayer.

Thank you for reading my appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Restfully yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16oz. lemon water and 16oz. celery, cucumber, apple juice.

2nd breakfast: 64oz. 8 banana, 5 strawberry, coconut water smoothie.

Snack: 6 dates, coconut rolls.

Lunch: 6 altaulfo mangos.

Snack: 32oz. 5 mango and fresh tangelo juice smoothie.

Dinner: 3 banana nice cream.

Snack: 2 handfuls of almonds.